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The Gospel of the Kingdom---What is it?


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September 14, 2007


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"EXCEPT ye become as a little child ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, as all what is learned through the human mind is void of the substance that can bring healing to the nation." The statement is exact, uninvolved, and leaves no loophole of personal interpretation, through which you could edge your way into the Presence of God.  Now, in the great darkness that is covering the Church at this moment, we must open our hearts to hear the Gospel of the Kingdom. Until now, all what we have learned in religious fables is not going to manifest that Glory, we must be born again. Me? Yes, you, who are still attempting to find reality by studying symbols and the meaning of names, you will not find salvation in these studies!  
Except ye become as a little child -- and by no other means -- can you enter, we must be hearers and obey the Truth.

Adulterers, known as religious attachments to prophetic fables are barred from the Kingdom, remember, -- only the adult can commit adultery and cannot hear what the Spirit is saying at this hour, so let us now be willing to listen and stop having opinions and compare notes. Throwing of the camouflage of misinterpretation so many are doing, man tries to believe that the word adultery has solely to do with sex, but in reality, this is the least adultery he can commit.  Religion constantly adulterates the word of life, placing it before others to receive as truth, and a thousand and one fears controls his mind by lies of prophecy, and in his beliefs founded on the false senses of what we observe in this world all Hell is his experience.  By observing and believing the wholesale adultery of religion today, keeps him out the Kingdom of Peace and Joy,  which made Jesus sweep of the whole thing into the hell of purification to be burned up.

The old adulterous religious intellect raises its great head, this erudite, many-headed mind and explains that it cannot become a child; it is physically and mentally impossible, so he keep interpreting the scriptures, thinking that we will come to the knowledge of the truth.

Yet, at another moment, this same one is quoting glibly, "Nothing is impossible to God."
"Which things are allegories," put near the close of the Bible, it speaks volumes for those who have ears and eyes to hear and see what the Spirit of God has to say unto the temple - the Churches - your bodies.
When you are "clean” and you only hear the Voice of Jesus, you have become as a child, as far as the illustration has any benefit to you, you are now in the Way of the Righteous Branch and abide in Him. Becoming as a child,  and becoming a child are two different things. Becoming as a child is suddenly to possess the most powerful weapons against the relative world, as out of the mouth of babes you have perfected praise. Weapons, -- invisible, inaudible, having capacities to heal and bring peace to the troubled mind is coming from the innocence of Being. These gifts are undreamed, unmeasured by the adulterous world of fear, limitation, greed, and evil-------be still and know that I AM.
The adulterous breath of the religious, whose breath is in his nostrils" breathes out fear, disease, and the belief in death and doom,  causes evil over the whole of creation as we see it in Iraq today. Now in this great time of confusion we must repent of our  false doings and follow the lamb of God where ever IT GOES .
"Too good to be true" "as for man, his days are full of trouble" "when I would do well I do evil" -- "something might happen," and in a thousand other ways he adulterates life.
Adam, (Satan) has been wandering up and down in the universe of belief, founded all his false teaching upon these false premises.  These religious teachings have now become such a giant of strength that he now feels threatened.   Finally,  the man of flesh is overcome by this terrible self-created thing called guilt and fear of separation that he feels deep down. No wonder he cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.
When he becomes as a child, he is unconsciously working from the basis of Christ mind, no longer trusting in his own wisdom and ability. He does not have to see to believe, he knows. He can accept his good without question. He will stretch forth his hand and make the gesture when the opportunity presented to him, bringing healing and supply to all that came to him. He will not try to figure it out by the limitations of the sense mind. "Nothing is too good to happen or to be true."
"Yesterday is done with at sundown" - a new day, full of joys and possibilities is ever with him.
Jesus, trying every way to make a complete differentiation between the adulterous thinking of the religious mind and the pure Christ mind as represented by the child, used these simple illustrations for those who had eyes to see and ears to hear. The child having the capacity to accept its good does not find it necessary to construct his good out of thinking, he or she knows its good is the awareness of the all---ness and now---ness of Being where all supply is. The Father Christmas idea is accepted thinking that good can be given to me by an outside God.  As far as the conscious thinking is concerned,  his ignorance of what God IS, he or she is suspended in mid-air on a thread of imagination, but it works for the child up to the moment that reason enters, so stay to be like little children.
The old adulterous mind immediately marshals its intellect and comes forward with the trite words, "Who wants to believe in such nonsense? And who wants to be a child?"
There is nothing said about you are becoming a child -- it says as a child. This becoming as a child is leagues away from the hypocrisy of religious good, and the sense of sweetness that many people associate with it. "He that hath eyes, let him see" -- let him take from the plethora of words and symbols the grain of Truth which will help him enter into his own, which will help him to go in and possess the land (state of consciousness).
"Awake, thou that sleep, and Christ shall give thee light."
It is wonderful how the simple things of Jesus are shedding the light on the new cycle of spirituality, which is even now descending upon the earth and is showing, by its radiance, the nothingness of the adultery of he intellect and reason.
"Except ye become as a little child ye shall in nowise enter the Kingdom of Heaven" is stated again in the simple words of Jesus when he asked, each time before he rent the veils of human belief, "Believest thou this?" -- "Believest thou that I am able to do this?" And if you cannot answer yea to this, you can no more see the power of the Presence communicating its manifestation to you and
through you than the child can materialize his Father Christmas. It is one and the same thing. It is no more fantastic for prayer to produce a well body, than it is for the child to produce a rotund man whose chief role in life is to supply the wants of childhood freely. Both of them have to emanate from the same source -- they must be "believed in." Note that the "belief" required is not credulity, it is not faith, in the generally accepted sense of the word; it is a pure acceptance of the whole finished thing and a permitting the manifestation or embodiment to take place in its own good time.
The Power does not come forth at a moment you are thinking about it; on the contrary, "I come at a moment you think not"; "I come as a thief in the night," etc.   He who has ears, let him hear.
Let him awake to the simplicity of the Christ teaching so uninvolved by the trappings of man. Throw all the interpretations of the word of God to the wind and go again to the fountain of Life and drink of the living waters and it will water you with revelation undreamed.
"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God." Do you hear? Do you believe?
Can you stand on the instructions of Jesus Christ instead of the words of a man who has followed" "Wilt thou be made clean" from the adulterous thought which causes you to follow a man, or organized collection of by-laws trying to see what you should do or not do in regard to your approach to God? "Come out from among them and be ye separate." Running to a little person, no matter however swollen with human success, to find out what God can and will do for you is the committing of the adultery which makes it impossible for you to enter. "Ye shall in no wise" is a hard law -- there is no leniency in it; it requires just that and it must be fulfilled. Why wait longer on the leprous thought, which tries to make you pay tribute to a person? If Jesus could not be called "good," why will you rush about calling another good? Awake and arise from the dead thoughts, and Christ shall give thee light - illumination and the child-like qualities which will cause Heaven to appear here and now.
It is wonderful the many new and marvellous laws that come into play when you become as a little child. There is the law of trust -- such a dangerous thing to the adult, having proven such a broken reed. There is the law of confidence, even in the face of no prospects. There is superhuman action of the Automatic Power, which the child can accept. He can believe that "a day will come" or a thing will or can happen in some perfectly mysterious way, and then let it rest without trying to destroy it by dissecting it with the human doubt and curiosity. This is a stubborn problem. This is a hard thing to meet; it has never been met before, etc. The adultery of conscious thinking denying the Christ constantly and then complaining when its prayers are not answered.
"Come unto me, all ye ends of the earth, and be ye saved." Do you hear" That means you, even though you are so holy now that you just glisten with your knowledge of truth and truth movements, and though you are recommended, and all that. You have a chance to be saved from the awful adultery of your spiritual pride, just the same as the thing lying in the gutter all covered with the mud of mistakes and the flowers, ineffective mantle of your holiness. You have a chance, no matter where you stand - the invitation is for you if you have come to that child-like quality that can take that which is offered it. Remember that a thousand years is as yesterday in My sight. "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." You have a good Chance to "come unto Me."
Yes, beloved!   A thousand years is as yesterday, so, in reality, it is just two days ago, that Jesus spoke in Jerusalem. Pretty close, isn't it? Yes, it is even closer than that. That which spoke through Jesus is even at this instant speaking through you. Yes, aren't you glad it is speaking through you in the inner recesses of your being? Telling you things - live things, pulsating things, with the spirit intact, instead of dead, tired repetitions of another.
"Come unto Me, all ye ends of the earth, and be ye saved."
"What ! Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the Living God?" The surprise in that one word "What!" is enough to make the whole temple quake with the coming of the Lord. The sudden recognition of this fact does away, once and for always, with the stupid notion that you are a reflection which has nothing in itself but shadow and light. You are the Temple of the living God. Do you note the word living? What do you suppose it means -- living? Think about it for the moment
and then will you understand what it means to "search the joints and marrow," and all the "quickening" power of the Spirit within which is so sharp and quick and so able to divide asunder.
"What!" Haven't you found it out yet that your body is the Temple of the living God, and that He is in the midst of you and is strong and mighty" "What?" Are you going to let some adulterer take the possibility of this Presence away from you to put it through a lot of human teaching and learning?
"What!" Know ye not? You do not know that the Temple of God is with man? It already is with man, and that is the reason for man. Man-I-festation is the body of God. Without this manifestation, He would be unexpressed, unknown, unusable, and unreal, just as electricity remained an unknown quantity until it was embodied.
But it had to be recognized as existing first before it could be brought forth. Do you begin to understand, then, why such a command, "Go into a certain city and a man will show YOU to an upper chamber" is possible? The Temple is all over the universe. When you begin to understand the "Body" of God is not a fleeting reflection of God’s Presence, but a reality, which instantly responds when you call upon the Power within, you, can see how it is possible to "go into the entire world," for you will find the Temple, when you call upon the Power within. You will suddenly see its darkness fold back, flashing forth the light and show you the way. It is wonderful how the dark crannies and hidden passages of darkness will flood with a light and reveal hidden talents and possibilities that will show forth the glory of God. Every man is the Temple of the Living God -- and when you begin to sense this, you will see how God can speak to you through anything. It is only when you break down the silly personal idea that just "some" men are the temple and that just "some" men have the word that you begin to find out that the "earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." Moreover, the glorious statement, "Heaven and earth are full of thee," comes to life. What does it matter what the opinion of this or that "wise head" may be? You are hid in Christ, safe in God’s Presence -- where the dark  teaching of religion with its noisy words and systems of ideas, fades out into nothingness, for all what religion has presented in the form of words and interpretation of words and thought has no substance or reality that could sustain you.
No, wonder, then, that you can go -- you will find the embodiment everywhere, even in the bush by the wayside, and so the fear of life flees away and you are wayfaring into Heaven here and now.
"Even if you slay me, yet will I say that you are God". This is an intense dramatic moment in the life of one who is finding God to be something, not invented in the last hundred years, with all the nineteenth-century wrappings of personal teachings, but the Holy Spirit again bringing to our remembrance everything that was forgotten since we descended into the fear realms of this world.
"What!" Know ye not that your body is the Temple of the Living God?
You are not a hard, cold channel or avenue for the Truth -- you are no the Son,  permeated by
the Word of God, and it can no more be separated from you than the yeast can be taken out of bread. The two have become one. "I and my father are one." Not maybe, perhaps or because you have prayed, is it but because that is the nature of God and His manifestation.
"Now ye are the Body of Christ"; "For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones." What plainer statement do you want? "Destroy this body -- temple -- and in three days I will raise it up." Gradually we are beginning to understand the word and the surprise in the statement, "What! Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the Living God?" - And by the child-like understanding of
the Wisdom of God do you enter in and possess the land -- consciousness -- which is sworn unto you as your birthright.

This lesson is an inspiration that came from many authors who have heard from Jesus, a word that only our Life giving Spirit can give us, it did not originate in the mind of flesh. Even Jesus said; “My doctrine is from my inner Father, not from the Adam man who is void of light and understanding. I only speak and write what I hear my Father Speak in the silence of my inner Being.







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