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February 28, 2008


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There is a rest for the people who live in God awareness. We must therefore let the Word of Truth separate the sensual mind from that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, so that we no longer have to live in a state of confusion and uncertainty. God is not the author of confusion beloved: God is the author of love, power and a sound mind.

Joshua 5. 13-15.

And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold,there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, "Are You for us, or for our adversaries?" And he said, "I am neither for you, nor against you, but as captain of the host of the Lord I am now come". And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, "What saith my Lord unto his servant?" And the captain of the Lord’s host said unto Joshua, "Loose your shoe from off your foot; for the place whereon you stand is holy".

God our Father is not against us or for us. It matters not whether we are Jew or Gentile, bond or free, for God is no respecter of persons. He lets the sun shine in your garden, as well as in mine. It is wonderful!

If we experience something in life that appears to be of an evil nature, such as pain, disease, sin or a sense of lack, we can rest assured that this appearance of evil is not an ordained expression of our Father. Neither is it karma from the past, send to haunt us: as the Hebrews believed. Evil is just the UN-consciousness of Adam that constantly prophecies evil to it own life experience.  Evil appears out of a sense of guilt, fear and separation from God's love and care and in our ignorance we prophecy doom to our selves.

We must all seek the peace of the city; for in its peace, we too will have peace.

Jer. 29. For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Do not let your prophets and your diviners who are in your midst deceive you, nor listen to your dreams which you cause to be dreamed.

It was believed that God would visit them with evil and bring harm to their children to the fourth generation, if they did not obey him.  Is this God’s doing?  No!

The disciples asked Jesus one day, after they saw a man who was blind from birth; "Who hath sinned to deserve such punishment? Did his parents commit some sexual sin that brought the judgement of God upon them, or has this man sinned himself, that he became blind?"
Jesus replied:"Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents, that caused any judgement, but that the works of God may be revealed in this seemingly negative situation.”

  • ‘I’ does not express personal sense
  • ‘I’ must work to reveal the Truth of being.
  • ‘I’ must reveal in my teaching, that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, the only True Child, to Jew and Gentile alike.
  • ‘I’ the Son will never forsake you.

The Son who lives in you and abides in you will also keep you safe in this world. It is wonderful!
The personal sense of I must first die; as Paul also realized and said: "It is no longer I (Saul of Tarsus) that is living, but it is Christ (the Son of the living God) who is living His life in me and as me".

However, we must not think that we are going to be absorbed into omnipresence without having individuality,  that is not correct doctrine either. Yes, like Jesus we will take our bones with us.
‘I’ is the Son of the living God and each one of us have our own individuality expressed as Tony or Martha etc, without having a personal sense of life.

In Christ Jesus we are all one.

We are His Body; the fullness of Him which fills all in all. In order that the immortality of life be realized, we must first die to all sense of duality and personal sense of being.
You see beloved, the personal sense of life is Adam, IT either must die on this side of the grave or after so called death, that mortality might be swallowed up of Life.
Immortality, as ‘I,’ is always a present tense continuum, here and now, even if we are still clothed with human personality.

It was revealed to me while in meditation that the veil of personal sense would eventually be dissolved in all living as we continue to look at Jesus who rented this veil of material sense in His ascension. We must not look at things such as our failings, guilt, or diseases of the body, for they also are but temporal, and are subject to change. In our newfound life we look at the invisible substance of our true nature which is, of course Christ this image in us: the hope of glory.

If there remains concern for personal good, security, health, or even peace of mind etc., there remains that sense which must die daily, so that one may be reborn of the Spirit into the realization of immortality here and now.

"I am come," Jesus said," that you may have life."
You can now experience deliverance of all your sin and disease if you abide in Him and His word abides in you: you can experience life to the fullest.

Eternal Life

Beloved, we who live in the realization of righteousness without the law, even though we were dead in our false concepts, yet shall we live; we shall not perish but have everlasting life. Proverbs 12:28. In the way of righteousness is life: and in the pathway thereof there is no death. It is through many years of trial and tribulation that I awoke to the revelation of this Way of Righteousness. God’s Righteousness was revealed to me through Jesus the Christ and the teachings of Paul in the New Testament: Romans chapter 3 and 5.
Jesus told us that He was this Way: the Way of Life.

Acts 2.

"You will not leave my soul in Hell" (Hebrew Concepts of God, man and the universe; what I would term the human fear of death: a place for the human dead, "neither will you allow your Holy One to see corruption, you have shown me the pathway of life." (Courses of Divine thought and purpose) It is wonderful!

Beloved, did you know that life beyond the grave has no relationship to immortality?

There is no life beyond the grave.

The grave is the human mind (a mortal sense of being) which believes in birth and death. In this sense of mortality, there is a constant desire for preservation of our flesh. In ignorance, we fight the aging process for as long as we possibly can. Naturally, we prefer health, prosperity and peace of mind. All these things are impossible for us to attain in our human sense of life, because we entertain a selfhood separate and apart from God, our Father.

The desire to experience life beyond the grave is but a desire of our fleshly mind, generated by fear. We believe that our human identity is going to survive death, and that beloved is far from truth; no human belief will survive.

Adam is consumed by fire in order to reveal the true Image which is Christ. Think of it.

The term ‘human being’ is really a contradiction, for there is no such being in God. It is for this reason that Jesus died as the last human, and in that sense Jesus died for all and as all. The body of sin was crucified, not the true identity of Christ. It was the Christ, the Son of God, who rose out of the ashes of mortal-sense living and gave us His immortality as a gift. This Christ Jesus (spirit, soul and body) lives in you now. In silent meditation, Jesus will show you that the immortality of the Son of God is now your own nature and name. So in my human life, I am dead with the Jew Jesus, but ‘I’ have now risen in Him, in newness of spirit; which is my true heritage (spirit, soul and body). It is wonderful!

1.Thess. 5.

Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.

Personal sense binds us to this world

The more intensely I hold the view that I am separate, apart from you, the more I need you, and the more I need you to conform to my expectations; and therefore the greater the bondage. The degree to which I have personal sense is the degree to which I sense my separation from God: from oneness. As my sense of separation from God magnifies, so do my feelings of isolation.  I feel the need of dependence on others and the realization of the inadequacy of my own personal self rules me.

Do you also feel this?

Personal sense is therefore the foundation out of which all my problems in life are formed. I must die daily to personal sense, it stands between me and my realization of God as my true nature.
The reality of our true self must be realized in our meditation. In silence we see the completed work from the beginning. Then the Light of Life will is revealed to us. We surrender all our self-opinionated concepts of what we think we are. The light of God is the light of spiritual wisdom. This light of Life reveals that there is only one offspring, and that offspring is the Christ, the Son of the Living Presence, infinitely expressed as your individual life. It is wonderful!

  • With your calling in life you will receive an unction from the Holy One who lives in you; the hope of glory.
  • In that awareness of love and peace you will never be without anything that you have need of for the enfoldment and fulfillment of your being

However, God our Father does not impose Himself upon you.

You must therefore have a strong hearing sense of inner receptivity and insight in order to benefit from the source of all-good.

Father God is your true self-hood.

You must receive and perceive this mystery, otherwise you will remain to live in a dual sense of being and you will then struggle for survival, just as the rest of the world is doing.

‘I’ as individual expression

  • ‘I’ will not force ItSelf on your outer man, nor can sovereign God come to us in any greater measure than we permit Him to; it happens to us when we surrender our personal desires.

Your own ‘I’ sense, without guilt or fear, is the Light of Life; but it is only the ‘I’ of your being as you hear the voice of the Christ within you. This determines the measure of light you can receive.
It is not enough to say;“I would like to experience the fullness and the wholeness of God Being, when our actions are contrary to that desire”.

A Lesson from the birds

On television, they were running a series on the mating habits of birds and mammals. When I tuned in, they were showing the habits of a brash of birds. They focused on a particular species of prairie bird. The males were strutting about with noble plumage decorating their extended chests. A bulbous knot swelled up through their throats, erupting in a great round sprat of hollow sound, and sure to capture the heart of an amorous female. Eddies of dust swirled about them, as they hammered their feet to the earth. "Whop, Whop,Whop, said their jackhammer feet. "EeeeeerrrruuuuuUUTTP, EeeeeerrrrruuuuuuUUUUUtttttp," said their straining throats. "See me, see me, see me," said their frantic dance. The females were distinctly unimpressed.

They pecked at the invisible seeds on the ground, looked wistfully to the skies above, and laid their disdainful glance on any subject, other than the lustful, arrogant, bodacious movements of those braggart males. The actions of the male birds made me to think of the overbearing vanity of the human ego and the absolute futility of it. Despite all its parading and strutting, it can never obtain what it really wants and needs for its ultimate happiness.

We must first renounce this ego: we must let go of this personal sense of being.

Created in True Holiness and Righteousness.

Genesis. 1:1-2. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, "Let there be light": and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

In the above Scriptures, we can see the light, your consciousness, appearing as form; God saw it to be wonderful and complete and He rested from all His work. When you learn to perceive this truth in your awareness, the Word will take form in you as the offspring of God; as long as you do not believe that God is still working in order to process you, as so many still believe.

In reality there is only ‘consciousness’ appearing as the form of all living; however, in the darkness of human personal sense, we cannot perceive this mystery. Therefore, the Book of John, chapter one, reveals that the darkness of personal sense cannot see or hear the mystery of God-hood known as ‘I Am’.
We, or any one else on the spiritual path will make very little progress, until we understand the nature of the word ‘consciousness’.

Consciousness is what I Am

The entire gospel of righteousness is based upon this one word, ‘consciousness’.
Everything ‘I’ teach in the message of the Light of the World, is directly related to the word ‘consciousness’; the re--deemed Self, that you are in your true nature.
If we do not understand this point we will continue to dabble in symbols of all sorts, trying to understand what God and our relationship to Him is all about.

If we continue to play around with effects we fail: and unless we apply ourselves to the study of the nature of ‘consciousness’, the feeling of ‘I’ without guilt or fear, and find out what the Holy One of Israel teaches us on this subject, we stay in darkness.

While it may be a little help to look up the word ‘consciousness’, in a dictionary, or study its meaning by various other methods, in the final analysis we will never know what ‘light’ or ‘consciousness’ is, until we are willing to be taught by the Spirit of Jesus, who rose out of His personal sense of life. Until this mystery is revealed to us by silent listening, with the attitude of ‘Speak Lord, for your Son hears’, we will remain ignorant, and stay under the curse of the law of the carnal mind.

So the final answer on the subject of consciousness will have to come from within you. Neither my teaching, nor I can guide you unless you are willing to subject yourself to the teaching of the ‘Light of the World Ministries’; but in the end, you are on your own. The substance of your own experience is already within you, ready to be realized. So I can lead you to the Waters of Life, already within you, but you must drink. As the old saying goes, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.’
Let me illustrate something that caused me to find ‘Myself in Christ Jesus’. All spiritual literature says, God is love, God is wisdom, and God is omnipresent and omniscient: He is Law, Life and Spirit. That beloved is not true at all, for if that were the case, the whole world would be in peace, health and prosperity.

You can prove that for yourself by realizing that all of the synonyms for God testify only to the nature of God; they do not reveal God. If you say God is God, it does not tell you very much. Even if you have studied the subject of what we called God, for many years, you may still not know the truth. In other words, there is nothing in the study of the letter of the ‘word’ that we study in our churches, cannot in any way reveal God. Therefore, we must take a very different approach. If I said for instance, that the nature of God is love, I at least begin to understand that God is very good and hath no evil intent for His creation.

Now I understand that God will show forth His being as love, compassion, health, prosperity, well being and peace. We can also see that God is wisdom. We only need to witness the creation to see how perfectly all things work: as everything brings forth after its own kind. If while contemplating these wonderful demonstrations of God’s nature, we become very still, a sense of a presence will take over our human mind. The mind when it is in a listening mode, imbued with a sense of discernment brings healing and restoration to us. The Presence of Gods Word begins to thunder in the silence of our meditation. We begin to feel a sense of belonging to the infinity of God’s being.

You might say to me at this point, ‘I still do not know what God is.’ Please tell me. I can tell you that God is Spirit, but that it cannot be discerned or understood with a theological mind, it is impossible. God is Spirit, and those that come to God much believe that God IS, and must be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth. God will  be spiritually realized in conscious awareness, before peace begins to rule our life. God is incorporeal and hath no physical form, so we can never know what God is when we try to fathom it with our religious minds. Jesus said in John 1. 14-18. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father) full of grace and truth. John bares witness of him, and cried, saying, this was he of whom I spoke, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me. And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He hath declared Him.
You see beloved, God is incorporeal and cannot be seen or heard with the physical senses. God is still a mystery to me. Is God law? Well there are laws of nature, there are laws of life, which are all absolute, and do not falter. The tides come in and go out, and the sun, stars and moon rotate in their orbits, in unerring fashion: but I still do not know what God is. Yes, God is manifest as scientific law, for H2-O will always be water and we cannot change its nature, even if we try. Neither can we violate the mathematical law of 2+2=4, for that is an immutable law of God.

So what is God?

It just seems that the more words and theories I project into my mind, the more confused I become and the farther I seem to be away from understanding what God is. Therefore, I cannot find God in word, thought or opinion.

Now suppose I take a dictionary or a thesaurus and discover twenty more words describing concepts of what God is: I will have twenty more words to add to my concepts of what the natural man, with his human intellect, thinks God is but I will still be not any nearer to God. However, in all these statements lies the secret of what God is.

I said, I am not learning anything about what God is. Who is saying that?

Is there an ‘I’ and a God, or is the ‘I’ that ‘I am’ the God I am looking for?

If I continue to say I do not understand what God is, and in my ignorance, I keep on saying that I am sick, or poor, I remain ignorant to what God is.

Jesus, as the last man having a separate sense of life, was lifted up on the Cross in Order to order to destroy the body of sin. Through this sacrificial act, Jesus reconciled us all into one body: unto God. He thus brought back to our remembrance the original Word spoken to us in the beginning. You are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased. It is wonderful!

Through the sacrifice of Jesus, we can now receive the gift of righteousness without moral law. Now, in this freedom of expression we can begin to reign in life by the consciousness of one Christ Jesus, who thought it not robbery to be equal with God; and did not make of His human-hood any reputation, but became obedient to the death of the cross. Now if one died for all, then all Jews and Gentiles are dead and no longer exist in Truth. No beloved, there is no separation in Divine Consciousness. Circumcision avails nothing neither does baptism, but becoming a new creature is all that counts in God’s eyes; and you are this new creation. You are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus. It is wonderful.
In Galatians 4, we see that the Heir, Christ, as long as he or she is under a moral sense of life, shall experience the curse of it: as ye sow so shall ye reap.

In this sense of duality, we are under bondage to the elementary principalities and powers; or the cause and effect of this universe, which operates as the conscience. In the conscience, there remains a belief in good and evil, a belief that we are under law. We do not know yet who we are in Christ Jesus, even though we, in our true nature, are Lord of all. We must therefore awaken out of the sleep of a self-hood separate and apart from God, and arise from the dead. Let the Christ which is our life enlightened us to truth. It is wonderful!

I will continue to look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross; lest I would become weary and faint in the belief that God is still processing me. However, all these concepts of alienation from the life of God are born of a sense of separation and duality; and that is the reason why we cling to these forms of asceticism.

Rom. 6.

Wherefore, my brethren, you also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ; that you should be married to another, even to Him who is raised from the dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto God. For when we were in the flesh, the motions of sins, which were by the law, did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death. But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.
You see beloved, we cannot serve two masters. We cannot serve these Hebrew concepts of God and at the same time be under the grace of the God and Father of Jesus: It is impossible. Either we can believe the teachings of Jesus or we can continue to frustrate the grace of God, thinking that righteousness comes through a sacrificial sense of worship. For except your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Pharisees and the doctors of the law, you can by no means enter the Kingdom of God.
Let us, therefore take notice of the words of Jesus, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heave laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Matt 11:28-29
Psalm 132:

  • This is My rest forever; Here I will dwell, for I have desired it.
  • For the Lord has chosen Zion;
  • He has desired it for His habitation:
  • I will abundantly bless her provision;
  • I will satisfy the poor with bread.
  • I will also close her priests with salvation,
  • And the saints shall shout aloud for joy".

Love to all
A Thank you note to Joy Francis Wright for editing the letter. We all appreciate it very much. tape of the Month: 2286 "JESUS—THE WAY—I AM" 10/8/03
2290 "The adhesiveness of His presence" 24/8/03

Tapes or CD’S are available for those that ask! 

A testimony from Kathy Fitz, an experience of the presence of God.
He is never far away. We did send it to you before but it is so relevant to this Months letter. She writes: Quote.
GOD FILLS THE UNIVERSE - Kathy Fitz 26.1.03
Every day, as we are bombarded with information from the news media, we have a choice about what to believe and how to react. During the week there was a lot of talk about war. We do not consciously realize how this is affecting us. I woke up early one morning during the week and my heart was just pounding. I felt empty and worried because my son is overseas at the moment. I really needed to ask myself what was going on, because I had allowed myself to accept all the talk and the fear and the revving up of the talk of war. All this talk was in order to gain agreement with a certain man that we should go to war. This is what ‘war’ is. It is simply agreeing with somebody’s thoughts that we have a need to defend and protect ourselves; and that we must form an agreement to achieve this. It is all talk. We don’t realize how this talk is trying to get us to accept that which is being talked about. It is only if we accept all this talk, and agree with it, that the world can go to war. If we don’t accept, but rather reject this man’s thought or that man’s talk of war, we do not have war in our heart and therefore we cannot go to war. It is the acceptance and the agreement with this talk (that the world would gather together and go to war) that is the problem.

I was lying in bed thinking about these things and asking myself what I was doing, and what I was reacting to? This was because I became worried for my son. I became worried about him being out there and not safely tucked into his own little bed at home, which is where I wanted him to be. That to me, in a material sense, would be safer for him. I realized that subconsciously I had been drawn into the influence of all this talk of war and therefore I said to myself, I have a choice here. I can go with it and become quite distressed (and this is what I was rapidly heading towards) or I can choose to reject all this talk of war.

When Martha spoke on Monday night, she said, "God fills the universe. God fills all space." I didn’t realize at the time what an impact this had on me. This also had an influence on my heart. At this point of my worrying, I chose to remember what she had said, and it began to fill all the space within me. It began to fill my very universe because ‘I am’ the universe. It was beginning to say, ‘I am here, I am there, I am everywhere.’ This is what the word of God is. Jesus came and He made a declaration to all men. "My Father and I are one." This was His purpose and is essentially the message that He presented. He brought the presence of God to our consciousness or our awareness. He presented the presence of God to the awareness of man; and without that declaration, we would not know that the willed action, set in motion in the beginning, fills all space. As I was still lying there, I was thinking, I am here, I am there, I am everywhere, and immediately I knew that right where Michael was, I was there too. I did not have to struggle with remembering the word of God. I just began to speak the Word. Can you see the difference?

Now this is what I truly wanted to share. I was empty and I asked within myself, where are you God? Why have you forsaken me? I don’t remember anything and I am worried. My heart said, Start with the nature of God: because if I haven’t learnt anything else, I have come to recognize and understand that the nature of God does not judge good and bad. It does not talk of war and does not criticize. It only knows love and because of love we have righteousness and because of righteousness we have goodness. Without this love and this righteousness and this goodness, the world only has religious ritual and moral law, and ends up with fear and chaos.

However, within the world is consciousness or awareness of the presence of God. This is the presence of the Nature that does not judge good and bad or right and wrong. It only gives prosperity, harmony and eternal life and no thought or talk of war can enter into it to defile, to change or to give an opinion about it. It exists as, ‘I am here, I am there, I am everywhere and I fill all space.’ As I recognize this, it becomes the word of God to me. This is the word of God, ‘I am here, I am there, I am everywhere.’ There is no talk of war. ‘I am here, I am there, I am everywhere. I fill all space.’

As I continued to lie in bed, I found that in just recognizing the true nature of God and the love of God, I was lifted out of the empty feeling and I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that the nature of God is love. It was an awesome experience for me. I felt thankful that the word of God only gives us good. It never gives us anything else. The leaders of this world would have us accepting and agreeing with the talk of war. However, do not choose this. Every morning just remember the nature of God, and it will lift you up out of emptiness and fill your universe.
Love Kathy.

Eph 4:4-13 Weymouth Translation.

There is but one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father of all, who rules over all, acts through all, and dwells in all. Yet to each of us individually Grace was given, measured out with the munificence of Christ. For this reason, Scripture says: "He re-ascended on high, He led captive a host of captives, and gave gifts to men". Now this "re-ascended"—what does it mean but that He had first descended into the lower regions of the earth? He who descended is the same as He who ascended again far above all the Heavens in order to fill the universe.

Love Kathy.

Tony  and Martha den Hartog.


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