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The Battle is Won!

March 16, 2008


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From: Kenneth Harper

Date: 14/03/2008 3:46:23 PM

Subject: A Revelation

The Battle is Won!

The battle is over, the battle is won. Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. The old man is dead, leave him dead in his grave clothes, and move forward for the new day lies ahead of you. Walk ye in the light now you have the light says the Lord. For ground is being broken that has been laid waste for years, and now shall bare fruit, much fruit. For it is being turned up, and turned over, turned upside down so that which is good, and that which is fertile that has been hidden underneath will now be exposed to the light and come alive bringing forth much fruit. Some thirty folds some sixty fold, but most hundred fold says the Lord.

Waste not your thoughts of how it shall be done, or with what shall it be done with it, or who shall do it. For it will be my work says the Lord. It shall spring forth from that which is not seen and take form in what ever I purpose, in what ever I desire to accomplish in this hour to bring my Father great glory, which has never been seen before. I do a new thing in this earth, and you shall see it and be glad. You shall behold the truth in action and see it take shape and see it preformed not just here, and there, but in the whole earth shall my glory be revealed and men shall marvel. They shall say; what is this that has come upon us. What great sign is this we behold? Never have we seen such as this, or has our father, or our father's father.

It shall be like a tree that has sprung up over night up from its root, for it shall be a quick work and cannot be stopped or hindered, and great shall be my salvation in all the land. My people shall rejoice, and be glad, but they who are filled with evil, and whose hearts are hardened shall look at it and tremble for they shall know that there day is at hand, and now their works shall be revealed. All their treasures they have stored up, and saved up, trusting in their riches shall be eaten up, and vanish like smoke. Great shall be their loss but the righteous labors of love shall not be forgotten, and they will be an everlasting memorial to them that their trust was in their God and not their own abilities as natural men.

Look not to the left nor to the right but set your eyes on me says the Lord and I shall make a way for you where there is no way, and oasis where there is no resting place. There you shall be watered and fed. For you are of my sheep fold says the Lord. They that hear my voice and answer me will be with me where ever I am, says the Lord, and so shall I be with you for you are my body and my kinsmen.

Where we are, so also shall be my God and your God. My Father, and your Father. And the same light that shines from me shall shine forth out from you as well till all the world is filled with my Father's glory, and their shall be neither night or day. It shall always be, just now. For time as you know shall soon be swallowed up, just as the darkness is by the light the Father has filled me with, and now you. Nothing shall be hid anymore but all things will be made clear, and no one shall need to tell you anything for my Father shall reveal it to you. It shall be known even that which was from the beginning even to the end. For I am the beginning, and I am the end, and all that falls between. The two will be folded up together and taken away so there is no more past and no more future, just now.

Ye are my witnesses says the Lord and what I shall show you, and what I shall tell you, you will speak, and you will show. All that are able to hear my words will rejoice this day has come, and that they are able to see how great of salvation the Lord your God has shown you, and given you so that you might dwell as one with Him forever and ever ages without end as He unfolds this marvelous day before you.

The Lord's Servant

Kenneth Harper


Tony  and Martha den Hartog.


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