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Christ the guiding principle and re--incarnation true or false


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Attachments: 10/01/2007

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 What is Pre---existence---
Is Physical re----incarnation a Reality
Or a State of Hypnotism?

Before we go into our lesson today, I like to answer some questions as to what reincarnation and its relation to our present life represents. In this lesson I also will explain the word Karma and the meaning of its working in this world of cause and effect.

The first question is and I quote;

 "You mentioned that the first chapter of Genesis is the Chapter revealing pre-existence and after existence, will you enlarge on this, also what is the difference between God Creating man in His image and after His likeness in the First Chapter of Genesis, and then the Lord God seemingly doing it all over again by forming mankind out of the dust of the ground in the second chapter.

That is a good question; for most Bible teachers believe that, the Lord God of Gen 2&3 is the same God as Gen chapter 1.

I have also noticed by the writings of several teachings on this subject that it is believed that the Lord God and God are synonymous, therefore they spontaneously write that God formed man out of the dust of the ground and that is not so,  do you  see this?

 The original creation of Gen1 has no relation to what happened in Gen 2, as this is but a mind formed concept of creation, a belief in God and man which is of course impossible as God and Its offspring is Spirit, not flesh and blood.

The Creation of Gen 1 is a Spiritual Incorporeal Perfect creation, in which nothing was known of a material mind formed concept of Creation, as we see it in Gen 2.

We must intuitively know that God's true creation is still perfect, deathless.  I am now aware of this consciously, knowing, my true nature is Christ and not Adam. Christ is the Offspring of God.  Christ, the Image of God is equal and coexists with God the Creator as One Being. This is the Natural state of Being to be realized by all that live on this planet, do you hear Me?

 Time or space, birth or death, sickness or health, has no part in the Spiritual Creation. Time and Space are concepts of materiality, having a beginning and an end. Where there are opposites, there is no true Being--ness.

Christ the Offspring of God has neither beginning nor an end, can you hear this?

Through Spiritual discernment, we realize the Christ Principle as past present and future, as all are united in the eternal NOW CALLED THE I THAT I AM! 

Blessings and Love to all. Tony and Martha den Hartog

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