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The None Power of Love

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Hello dear friends in the USA, we send our love from us down under in Australia. In Pall Talk you invited me to look at your Web Ministry,  so I did,  in which I see a common insight as to what is happening in the USA,  the greatest democracy of all time. I will now begin to search and study your writings as I like to find out our common grounds so that we can communicate. Here is a writing on a subject you maybe interested to read. You can use my writings and audio's to what ever you think is applicable.

The None Power of Love.  


In the introduction of this lesson I like to first take you back to the beginning where all what God IS, and all that God has was imparted to the Seed of God which is Christ,  the out--raying of all creative Power.  

First, a question I was asked:  “Can you explain the seeming contradiction of God being all Power and God being non-power?”

This seems to be a paradox.  We see in this world a constant struggle for God believers in an attempt to pray to God to have Him heal, provide or protect us in our lives.

  • 1. Is there a God petitioned to heal, provide or protect?
  • 2. Is there a God persuaded to help us in a time of need? 

As we see the seeming contradiction of this, when for instance the experience of  September 11, where all of the prayer and God worship did not help us.   I am not criticizing the people for this terrible ordeal which  they all felt as an blatant attack upon their freedom, but even the acknowledgement that God would bless America did not work, so please bear with me to unravel this hurtful challenge!

Where then is God when we need Him most?

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