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Understanding the Principle of Meditation


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Understanding the Principle of Meditation


To begin with our study on meditation we must first realize that in order to encounter the infinite Mind of our God, we must first have a proper understanding of what God “IS”.   It is only when we become conscious of the Presence of the True God in our Contemplative meditation that we make contact with the same mind, which is also in Christ Jesus.   When we make contact through meditation with the Inner Self-called the Hidden Man of the Heart, the thoughts of God begin to flow through our Soul and Body, bringing to us the Abundance of Life Jesus said we would experience. It is therefore first a necessity for the Christian to understand what God and meditation truly is before we can be free from the universal unconsciousness, commonly known as the Darkness of the Carnal mind, the mind of flesh.

Psalm 16:11 11 Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. (KJV)

  1. Where is the Presence of God located? 
  2. How can we benefit from it in our lives?     Meditation

    There are also several concepts  as to what the nature of meditation is not!

  1. An attempt to reach the Presence of God through some act of our own is not meditation. 
  2. We desire to experience healing, prosperity and have our desires met, that is not the way it works, for our Father is not withholding any thing from us. 
  3. These attempts are futile, for God our Father is not withholding anything from us.
  4. In other cases, it is believed by Christians and other mind sciences,  that through meditation we can experience the Meta-Morpheus of our mortal body into immortality. 
  5. Again, these concepts are born out of the fear of death and hold no true essence.

I believe that most of the presentations I have come across in Christian teachings on faith and prosperity are in fact Mind Science, they are not true Spiritual Meditation. So let us carefully examine this subject.  In this study, I like to show you first what meditation is not, before we can see the true meaning of meditation, so bear with me. 

Continued in attachment.

Audio: The-Practice of Meditation.mp3

Audio: Testimony-Carrol.mp3 

There is a meditation at the end of this message it for those who are suffering disease, emotional problem due to divorce. Listen silently to the Voice of Jesus---He will help you in a time of need. 

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