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"I" The Creature of God!


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"I" The Creature of God!

Part 1

"Consciousness" is what I AM.

The Word Consciousness is the most important Word we know as human beings. Although the word consciousness is not in the Bible, the meaning of the word is being aware, known or felt by one’s inner Self, awake or alert, not asleep or unconscious. Consciousness is the only word which describes the Realm which Jesus said He prepared for us, so that we can live and move in His Kingdom.

This realm is the mind of the New Creation man has transcended the Physical and the mental realms of existence. I have now come back to the Father Realm. As a Son or Daughter, I have returned to My True Identity, which is Christ the Image of God. I have awoken out of sleep and Christ is giving me Light.

  1. I call this realm Now or IS!
  2. The New Creation Realm is the realm where the flowers grow, where true Life expresses ITSELF out from the invisible Now Realm.
  3. The Now Realm IS the Presence of God.
  4. Now IS where Life spontaneously flows forth, for all eternity, without death in it, IT IS WONDERFUL!

"In the way of righteousness is Life and in the pathway thereof is no death."

In other words, the Realm of IS, is where only God IS our Life.  In the realm of Now there are no opposites (good or evil). Now is the Consciousness of the Father expressed as you and I.The House where Jesus lives Now, you can enter by grace, can you hear this, he prepared this realm for you to Live in, so that "where I am" you may be also, that is what Jesus said, not Tony.  In the message of the "Light of the world", consciousness’ is the main subject word.  I have not yet known of any other Christian teachings that have taken the word ‘consciousness’ seriously, I cannot teach any one anything but as you read and listen you might discover that you are becoming consciously aware of the Presence of God. The Word that is coming to you is bearing witness within, so consider this as coming from the Holy Ghost, not from a man.

Religion does not have the word ‘consciousness’ to describe the original state of Being, which we all enjoyed in God before we all descended into the lower realms of Physicality and Mental-ism, generated out of the Tree of Knowledge.

Part 2 will soon come!  Love Tony.



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