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"He made himself as God" 


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Melchizedeck priest of the Most High, a revelation as to what the nature of God is. The audio below will help you understand what and who the Son of God IS and how His Presence will dissolve all the cause of your fears which are past memories that have caused so much problem such as disease and lack. There is only One Only Begotten of the Father and you and I after we have heard God's Voice will pass from death to life. Deeply meditate on this message, it will renew the mind so that you no longer have to suffer under the curse  of the Law, because of our past memories. I include a message Floyed Watson send me which I feel is also a help in finding out why all  these negative things such as disease, Lack and fear of death is and how  to escape it.
Hebrews 7:1-8 (MsgB) 
    Melchizedek was king of Salem and priest of the Highest God. He met Abraham, who was returning from "the royal massacre," and gave him his blessing. [2] Abraham in turn gave him a tenth of the spoils. "Melchizedek" means "King of Righteousness." "Salem" means "Peace." So, he is also "King of Peace." [3] Melchizedek towers out of the past—without record of family ties, no account of beginning or end. In this way he is like the Son of God, one huge priestly presence dominating the landscape always.
    [4] You realize just how great Melchizedek is when you see that Father Abraham gave him a tenth of the captured treasure. [5] Priests descended from Levi are commanded by law to collect tithes from the people, even though they are all more or less equals, priests and people, having a common father in Abraham. [6] But this man, a complete outsider, collected tithes from Abraham and blessed him, the one to whom the promises had been given. [7] In acts of blessing, the lesser is blessed by the greater.
    [8] Or look at it this way: We pay our tithes to priests who die, but Abraham paid tithes to a priest who, the Scripture says, "lives."

Love Tony.

I was watching scientist work in their lab on the Discovery channel when the Spirit spoke to me, " Your mind is your laboratory." Our goal is to live in the Christ Mind, even in a world becoming more negative so we "mix up" portions to remove negativity that life break forth. To do his correctly, like a scientist, is to produce practical results such as health, harmony, true success in your life, and understanding of Oneness with all.
To be negative, inconsistent, and not guard the gates of the mind, ensure trouble and failure. Negative things in your mind... the fears, doubts, resentments... Are to be starved out of existence by refusing to feed them. Replaced with the positive Christ thoughts of Divine Love, harmony, peace, and the practicing of the presence of God.
As we meditate and think on these thoughts we create an atmosphere or world... The space we live in. Limitations will start to fall as we find true freedom.
            You think, and your thoughts materialize
            as experience creating your destiny 
And its all in your lab to bring forth as nothing but yourself can keep you down. Nobody else can involve you in limitation or difficulty, parents, wife, husband, employers, neighbors, nor poverty, ignorance, or any power can keep you once you have learned how to think.
Whatever you have experienced in your life is really but the out picturing of your own thoughts and beliefs. When they are changed the outer picture must change too. But the outer will never change until you change your thought. Our habitual mental conduct of thoughts and feelings is what weaves the pattern of our destiny.
So no one can put us in or take us out of our Kingdom as its the story of our lives... Our relationship between us and God.

There comes a certain moment in the experience of every person. When a touch of the Spirit breaks through into consciousness; when a ray of light penetrates, not because of the person, but in spite of Him. From the moment that ray touches him, the end is inevitable…. As He is going to find his way to the very center of his being, right to the throne of God.

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

Blessings, Floyd


Love Tony and Martha, deco


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