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A word from Kevin in the Czech republic.
Dear Tony and friends.
This is Kevin again...writing from the Czech republic.
I just thought I'd write you all a few words to keep in touch with you.
I am listening to your audio lectures quite often still.
When I travel to Switzerland (where I do work in construction) I am able to
Listen to your audio's while I am driving and even as I do various jobs there.
You are all very close to my heart and I feel as I am one of your congregation there.
I wish you all knew me sometimes though...
Sometimes I find my self imagining how it is there as you sit together...
I guess you are a small group from what I gather from the talks.
I hear more birds in the background than people.
I often have questions when I listen to you...
But they are usually just issues of clarification and not of an urgent nature.
But I do notice that my inner ears perk-up a bit when you happen to talk about
Actually how it is to be in that Holy quiet space. I guess I still wish to hear
Any new way to speak about it...even though it can only be truly expressed and understood in words
When the one listening already knows for himself what you are talking about.
I went through many fazes while listening to you...wondering if it was this what you meant or that.
And it really took a lot of  intuitive inner listening again and again before I noticed what it was consciously.
It was like I had spent all my spiritual life looking for God outside of me and then to notice
That God had hidden himself right in the heart of that very looking itself.
God is the most intimate thing about us...closer even than the thoughts or sweet feelings that we can have about him.
And in that intimacy, all separations disapear and as you sometimes say...There is no longer
The Father and the Son..but just the one being of God.
So simple and sweet and absolutely incorruptable.
And I am eternally grateful to you brother and friends in Christ for for so diligently
Pointing the way through the fog of  'mental isms'.
If only the people would want the truth enough to drop all that they know about God and religion...form there
It is not so difficult to see the self sustaining one.
Stop everything that can be stopped,
Drop every thought that can be dropped,
Till all that remains is present, living, self-shinning consciousness itself.
(and was it not always there all along anyway?)
How could I have never noticed it before?
Well, thanks again to all of you...
You are all in my heart...
Till we can know each other face to face.
Yours...Kevin Hill


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