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Resist not evil+Entering into the straight gate


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Resist Not Evil!  This is the Last Mile---we must now enter the straight Gate-

Psalm 27 A Psalm of David.1 The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

Resist not evil, I ---AM with you forever!

One thing have I desired and that is to worship and be receptive to that inner Christ that is born in my manger. The world does not like that. The world wants some form of outward satisfaction or appearance that would satisfy their fleshly nature.

  • Jesus said, "The reason I came into this world was to bear witness to the truth."
  • That means the truth of what God says--not what man says or the judgments men make.
  • The judgments men make based upon what they see on the outside, observing the realms of good or evil, are blinded to understand what the Kingdom of God really is and die in their mistaken I-dentity. Because of the concepts men in the universe have had of God, has been a formation of God in the mind, a belief that God knows about evil, but does He?

We know the contrast we see in Genesis Chapter One when God says, "Let us create man in our image and likeness and let him have dominion, power and authority over everything that walks, flies, creeps and swims."

  • In other words, in the beginning, there was absolute authority and dominion in Creation but that dominion was not through force, it was through CONSCIOUSNESS. The realization that I AM the only power and activity,  is the true Government that keeps all things by the Word of Its Power.
  • Consciousness governs all things known as life, whether is appears as animal, vegetable, mineral or the constellations we know as stars and planets, God upholds everything by the Word of His Power without ever failing.
  • He is not trying to uphold the universe or to do something about the universe to change or improve it in any way, it is already perfect and holy, therefore, God does not try or attempt to do something for you or against you.

Why is that?

  • Because God has no awareness of good and evil, God IS and that is full stop.
  • He just "IS".
  • God our Father is the maintaining and sustaining presence that keeps creation in His perfect Love and Will, that is all there is to it, there is no other government coming.


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