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September 18, 2007

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Seeing and Hearing.

In the silence of our meditation, we hear the Voice of the Son who lives within us. By seeing the reality of our being as God’s offspring, we bear witness to the active way of the only begotten Son, who comes with healing in His Wings.  In this realm of the Only Begotten of God, which you now are, we must not waver, thinking that we are separate from Jesus the Christ, we are One Spirit, and One Body now, not some day after God has dealt with us. God dealt with the ego man by destroying this serpent for the last time, therefore a dead man cannot manifest glory; all what he or she in our humanity can do is lie, as this liar, it never abode in the truth, as there is no truth in him and was a liar from the beginning.

 In True Worship, we see Jesus the Christ as the only Life there is; our eye is now single and our whole body is full of light. Beloved, when you hear this Word, stay tuned to His Voice, abide in His Word, then you are free from all SIN (A sense of guilt or a feeling of imperfection)

We all know that in Adam we all died, now we must intuitively know that in Christ Jesus we are free from all fear, free from disease, free from the fear of death, it is wonderful, can you hear it beloved!

When we hear the Voice of Jesus, we can no longer listen to other erroneous religious concepts, which so prevail in the Church realm, leading you deeper into confusion.

You see beloved, erroneous religious doctrines of man, generated out of a sense of Separation, also known as a SIN CONSCIOUSNESS.

These are doctrines of devils, for they create fear and that is what they are, evil has no substance in them to heal or deliver you.  Do not listen to these strangers; listen to Jesus who showed us the Way into the Most Holy, by His own Blood (Nature of Non resistance). Below is an audio that will give you a deeper insight into what Jesus is teaching us-----------------------only good thoughts toward you--------------------------------I do not send you strong delusions to deceive you in any way, I only speak the truth in love so that you may grow thereby.   Consider the tulip!tulipLove Tony




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