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Attachments: 9/30/2007

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The Vicarious Absolution. 


We have been speaking about various subjects that pertain to God’s Nature and Name, indicating that there is a moving of spiritual awareness into a focus point, as it is not until the fullness of what God spoke in the beginning is manifest that the fullness of Grace and Truth is made flesh in us. This type of meeting or consciousness being developed here is the Body of Christ, it is not for the world at large, it is for those who are ‘now dead’ to their former human existence, and have awoken to their Priestly calling after the order of Melchizedek will this teaching mean anything. This consciousness standing within,  is being developed, as 'a vicarious consciousness,' a mind or Life Force that also functioned in Jesus, who absorbed the Sin of all living, in his own Body on the tree.  His resurrection from the dead and his ascension on High enabled Jesus,  calling us to be His Priests and Kings in the earth, it is wonderful.

  • These thoughts have been working through me for several years now.
  • What is the definition of the gospel that brings deliverance to the captives, that brings healing to the nations, that brings a contrast or something that can absolve evil?

Is there anything that you know that absolves evil?

We all know that Light absorbs darkness, light absorbs all the things which appear to exist as evil,  are not God ordained or God maintained or God sustained, can you hear this beloved?



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