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Come ye to the Waters of Infinite Supply

January 4, 2008

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Hi beloved,  I might have send this attachment before, however,  I feel that we need to meditate On this Word again, until the Word it contains is made flesh in you.  In the year 2008 all what is concealed in Christ is brought to our remembrance that  is now manifesting as Supply for all we need in this world. Supply, health and a sense of welbeing will begin to appear in your experience after you have understood these principles.

Listen to the Audio and be blessed,

Love Tony and Martha

Light of the World Ministries

Come ye to the Waters of Infinite Supply.

There is a place in CONSCIOUSNESS where you will find the fulfillment of all you have need in this life. However, do you understand that this fullness of life does not come through the five sense gates? Life which is Christ in you can therefore not be observed or obtained in the outer realm of appearances. What ever we observe on the outer is really illusion. Illusion does exist, yes; it is something existing in such a way as to give us a miss--perception of the true nature of things. We must therefore seek the real Kingdom of God, which does not come by observation; it is already within you in all its fullness, this is not illusion. It is wonderful! 

  • You see beloved, supply is the activity of LOVE unfolding in its infinite care to all creation, without respect of person, e.G. 
  • LOVE lets its rain of goodness fall on the just and the unjust. 
  • Becoming aware of God's PRESENCE as SUPPLY to all your need without asking for anything is putting yourself under GRACE. Trusting in the LOVE activity within your own being is living by the grace of GOD, not by bread alone but by every Word which proceeds from the mouth of God..

The KINGDOM OF GOD is a realm of spontaneous activity flowing through our consciousness as INVISIBLE SUPPLY. It is wonderful. I must however tell you that up to now there are very, very, few people in this world have actually made conscious contact with this invisible God, the source of all--good. 

  • The reason why there is so much suffering in this world is that people in general including CHRISTIANS, have a false concept or material sense of supply and therefore have a false sense of what GOD truly IS. 

For this reason, our relationship to the source of our supply is out of balance, it needs restoration to its original pristine Glory, so listen to what the anointing that is already within you teaches you. 

As long as we have the conviction and believe, that our supply comes to us from the outside and we believe GOD can be activated through positive confession or imaging our desires, we are barking up the wrong tree.

 The principles of sowing and reaping are therefore not spiritual principles, it is an activity of the mind where we think that we can use, but that is also an erroneous concept. Cosmic Law functions as a balancing factor to warn us when we violate divine Law. If we are honest with ourselves, we can measure ourselves and see if we are in harmony with the KINGDOM of GOD or operate meta-physics. By what we experience IN OUR DAILY LIFE, we can know whether we are under the GRACE OF GOD or subject to the curse of the LAW. E.g., if we experience a continuous calamity in our lives such as disease and lack, we can be sure we are somehow violating Divine Law, and are therefore out of balance.

However, when we are fed up with suffering under the wages of sin, like the prodigal SON we repent and change our way from the SELF survival syndrome that caused us to waste our substance on riotous living,  to now again putting our self in trust to the LOVE of GOD.



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