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Entering into the presence of here and now,

Beyond the realm of word doctrine or thought.

March 10, 2008

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Entering into the presence of here and now, beyond the realm of word doctrine or thought.

The Inspiration of the Almighty, when it has come unto you, shall lead you into all things." It leads you straight into the Presence of the Father realm, in which the old ideas of "start-stop," "begin- end" ceases to exist, time and space, being a limitation of the manifest world, passes away when the Light of Truth removes the veil of personal sense is dissolved into its native nothingness.

The Inspired Presence is eternally in expression. It comprehends neither beginning nor ending, as does the manifestation we know as Adam who only lives by outer appearances. Things come and go, but the Inspired Presence in which you live, move and have your being is there forever and when you are awakened to the Divinity within and move and have your being -lives and moves and has its being in you, mortality is dissolves as it has no reality.

In the mental, un--enlightened world, we live in a place of fear and lack,  where a little health is made manifest as a life must, subsequently it will lapse into sickness as we cannot hold our self in Life as Humans. Some form of limitation, expressing lack in physical or mental condition, usually follows a little wealth, but in the Fathers Presence,  to which Jesus was constantly calling our attention, there is no coming nor going, there is only ISNESS. The Spirit is constantly in action and in manifestation on the unseen side, the original creation, only perceived by that inner Christ Self.  Our human sense of life becomes a never-ending stream of manifestation, good and evil, sickness and health, but when man aligns himself with the inner Christ, and gives it a chance to express ITSELF, life to the fullest begins to manifest.

Hence, when the statement made, “Man is always in his right place," this is true and eternally so, providing he is aligned with the INNER FATHER the substance of all form. There is, then, no getting out of expression or loss of expression; it may change as the infinite impromptu pattern of Spirit brings to him a newer and higher flight of manifestation, but from that, instant he can never be in and out of the Expression of Soul. It is wonderful to contemplate the Presence of Spirit, the Presence of this Substance called God, and the escaping from the mental plane of coming and going to the realm of Now where the flowers grow.

Formerly man thought that by prayer, he caused God to come into action,  to heal or provide for him, or that he started the Power into action that would help him in a time of need, by thought or word spoken. However, once he is awakened to the Presence of Now, he knows that the start and stop processes of Life are gone forever, for there is no place he can go where the Now Presence is not expressing IT to its fullest. That is why Jesus said, "Take no thought for the journey, the purse, the robe," etc., knowing that the taking thought was the anxiety and fear that they would not be, or could not be, made manifest at some distant point. Awakened to the Presence which is ETERNALLY HERE AND NOW, which leads him into all things.  Man knows that the moment he aligns himself with the God Life, through the recognition of the Presence, the invisible manifestation becomes visible, and the inaudible becomes audible. It is impossible to start and stop God. Moreover, God is all Life IS, here, there, and everywhere.

The old idea of praying for a job, or a place in which to earn a living, gives way and entirely falls into disrepute in face of this marvellous revelation of Jesus the Christ, the ever-manifesting Power of the Now Presence. The contemplation of this Presence will cause you to see the utter impossibility of being out of place or out of expression.

Once our mind is relieved of the burden of trying to make something happen, or trying to get into expression, man will relax in the Divine Activity of finding his expression going on always as he or she is still and knows the truth. He enters in and comes out at pleasure, but the Power goes on forever it never stops. He may withdraw or retire, so to speak, but the Divinity is constantly in expression. The command, "Cast your burden on the Lord," takes on a new and delightful meaning. The terrific effort of holding himself in place of Love and Peace subsides, and the Inspiration of the Almighty leads him into new and lovely patterns of Spirit where there is no need of concentration or fervent petitions to God.

Once you are aligned to the Power of Now, you cannot stay in the endless manifestation and out flowing of the substance that already is an does not need mans approval. The flowing of the substance through Jesus was no more difficult to feed five thousand that it would have been for one. As long as Consciousness is aligned to the Presence, the Inspiration keeps leading the body into all things keeps on working.

It is wonderful to contemplate the ways of God. "His ways are past finding out;" no man can designate the precise manner in which the healing shall take place, or through which temple body it shall come forth. The great secret, "I have a way ye know not of," is the sure and certain way out of all difficulties, for it is the way into the Presence of here and now in which there is no starting or stopping of the Power.  A constant stream of manifestation goes on always. It is wonderful.

You are moving in this Inspired Presence-in the midst of this "Thee" of which it is said, "Heaven and earth are full of thee",  -full of the substance of God, full of the Presence of total freedom from all lack or fear of death, willing and ready to come into expression at the slightest invitation. "Behold I stand at the door and knock" is but a line of poetry until you understand it is the urge of Spirit pressing upon you for expression. The Presence is  seeking a body – Spirit seeking embodiment through you.

At the place of meeting with the Presence of the ascended Jesus, all things are suddenly reversed, and life superabundant starts to manifest in your experience. A man no more thinks of God as healthy or wealthy, these being terms with which the mental limits Life associate. Life-God-is not rich as man thinks of riches - He is not healthy or well, God IS, AS YOU

These limitations will be dropped off  when the mind is spiritualized to see the way it is in reality.

In this Inspired Presence in which you live, move, breathe, and have your being, all of the qualities which you tried to make true by words of faith are part and parcel of the grand whole. The effortless­ness of life—the glorious, radiant, untrammeled ex­pression—takes place without pomp or ceremony, beyond word or thought—only in silence we behold the working of the Father.

In this place of the Presence of a loving Father, the only office of Man is to accept and let the manifestation take place through him by recognition. He finds the inspired memory he knew in the beginning to return.  In the Presence and in the memory of the beginning, the en­tire substance of consciousness is ready and waiting to be called into action by recognition. The simplicity of this stupendous idea must be as automatic and nat­ural as the coming of dawn. The moment any thought is taken on the subject, it becomes vague, hypothetical, and impossible, and it seems to recede into nothingness. If you cannot accept the Gift and use it freely, then no amount of begging or beseech­ing will bring it to pass.

The glorious impromptu pattern of the Presence causes old beliefs generated in human destiny dissolve and their evil pictures break up and pass away, and allow the Divine Destiny to come into instant manifestation. If you be in the Spirit—the Inspired Presence—you are no more under the curse of the Law. Note the word "curse." The law of belief, with its hard and fast destiny, and its evil path of problems, is the curse, which continually operates upon the man who is “working” with the Power instead of coming into alignment with the Power and letting it have the same glorious freedom of expression that we see in the record of creation.  “And the Lord said, let” (whatever He said had to be let into expression), whatsoever this very Lord speaking within you says, must also be “let” to come forth in its own way and after its own unexpected design.

The Lord speaks to your Lord constantly, through the means of desire and says, “I will give you the desires of your heart” – but man will not, because he has a “start-stop” idea of God or good.  Sometimes he thinks God is in expression and most of the time He is not, as problems of all sorts arises and confusion sets in.  All this veil of human thinking and dual powers must be eliminated in order that the one presence, the now Presence, may give you the desires of your heart.

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The below audio is very important to listen to, it contains the substance of things hoped for. Love Tony.



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