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A New Heaven and a New Earth seen at 2 levels

The natural and the spiritual.

March 14, 2008

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Beloved all who have ears to hear. I like to present to you an interesting approach to a New Government Principle and its financial alternative. This on a political level was presented to us by LaRouche, the only political leader who as I see it has accurately forecasted both the current financial blowout and political crisis the Whole of humanity is facing, he will lay out how that victory works and is possible in his March 13 webcast. 

This paradigm shift in consciousness is coming to mankind in 2 ways. Number 1, at a physical and mental level,  there needs to come a  shift in consciousness where a whole new approach to Freedom is shown. Many people are bound to live in a desperate survival mode financially, and the systems that have been presented to us by the present governments of this world are not working and are bankrupt. 

You can ask for the 2 DVD'S  concerning this phenomena of financial blowout and the myth of Global warming presented as a fact by Al Gore..  
Now as a minister of Grace and Truth I shall present to you a whole new approach to escape,  not only the corruption of a Fascist system that is now on the horizon, to a Way to Freedom on a Spiritual level that Jesus said is the only way to freedom,  independent from what the governments of this world are doing. But don't forget,  we must understand both, so that our responsibility is not just to a political and financial  adjustment we now suffer under as  there are higher ways to experience freedom from men's sense of lack and fear of Doom. Here is a message where it is possible to ascending into the Kingdom of Heaven, a realm that That the whole USA and Australia is desiring  to experience.
Please, study these 2 presentations of the New Heaven and New Earth and its political and financial consequent . Blessings to all Tony den Hartog.

Audio: ...A-New-Heaven-and-New-Earth.mp3

Audio: ...Devilusion-or-Transformation-of-Consciousness.mp3

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Media Release  12th of March 2008

Craig Isherwood, National Secretary
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LaRouche Webcast: “Averting Doom”

March 13, 2008, 4am AEDT live at www.larouchepac.Com
The webcast will be archived shortly thereafter.

The world banking system has crashed, and the world economy is plunging into a depression worse than the 1930s. By one measure, housing, Australia is already in near-depression conditions. Over 1000 home foreclosures per week, and rising, is causing a crisis of family homelessness: 1660 families are listed as homeless in one Victorian shire alone, and a northern Melbourne caravan park has reported that it is turning away up to 80 families per day. Similar stories are emerging right around the country.

As in the 1930s, the world is menaced again by the spectrum of fascism, in Europe, inside the USA, and in Australia. Then, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt saved the U.S.A. From a fascist takeover, and led the economic mobilization which crushed fascism in Europe. Roosevelt defined the threat to the U.S. Congress on April 29, 1938: “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to the point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism—ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any controlling private power.”

American economist Lyndon LaRouche will address this issue in his webcast, “Averting Doom”: “We have a crisis in elections and government in Europe and in the United States,” LaRouche stated during a recent meeting with political leaders in Rome. “We have a threat of a return to fascism on a scale far beyond anything that we've known in the past.” The impetus for this London-backed drive is the ongoing disintegration of the world financial system, the greatest collapse in modern European history. If the London-based financial oligarchy succeeds in consolidating power in the midst of this crisis, through imposition of the dictatorial Lisbon Treaty in Europe, and of an intended fascist Bloomberg coup in the United States elections, it will eliminate all national sovereign governments, and carry out policies that will lead to worldwide depopulation on a scale only comparable to that of the 14th Century Dark Age.

The brutal austerity already being imposed on Australia by the Rudd Government, through savage budget cuts, wage freezes and cuts, and a green light to the privately-controlled Reserve Bank to continue to raise interest rates, in the name of “fighting inflation”, is a foretaste of the fascist policies that will destroy our nation, and kill people.

“But I think we can mobilize ... And build up the confidence to take the measures which are needed to lead the world out of this nightmare, by the methods of Franklin Roosevelt,” LaRouche argued. “You can count on one thing: We can all go to Hell, in a sense, but we have a chance to win. The chance to win lies in the achievements of our culture, and if we can awaken ourselves to confidence in our cultural legacy, we can win! Do we have the will to win?”

LaRouche, the only political leader who has accurately forecast both the current financial blowout and political crisis, will lay out how that victory is possible in his March 13 webcast. Ask for any further information. [email protected] or
At WWW.larouchepac.Com

Click here to have a copy of the 80 minute DVD, Firewall: In Defence of the Nation State affecting both Australia and the USA is mailed to you.
Click here to view a 10 minute documentary on the fascist model vs the LaRouche/FDR approach to dealing with the financial crash and what to do next.

Tony  and Martha den Hartog.


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