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No man can serve two masters. 

April 07, 2008

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You cannot serve mammon. Mammon does not mean money. Mammon means your trust in money, BUT IT ALSO MEANS your trust in physicality. To trust in health, to trust in good eyesight and good whatever you have IS TRUSTING IN MAMMON. Even to trust in our family is mammon.

In the Book of Revelation, it says, "And I heard a great voice out of the heavens saying, Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and He will dwell with them and they shall be His people and God Himself shall be with them and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain for the former things have passed away." So what are the former things? The things that were formed out of the dust of the ground, the teaching of Darwinism that is blinds our eyes and closes our ears to hear the True Gospel, simply becau2 Thes. 2:10 (KJV) 

    And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  

What does dust represent? We know that the serpent eats dust. Doesn't it say that in the Book of Genesis? "You are cursed above all cattle, and dust shall you eat all the days of your life." Have you ever seen a snake eat dust? 

Snakes eat frogs or mice, they do not eat dust; therefore, you know that all this is an allegory. What is the allegory? The serpent is not a snake; the serpent is a formation of thought that is in between the ears of humanity, ears that cannot hear what the Spirit is teaching. That is a serpent. It is anti-Christ. It eats dust, and is----a lot of bull, can you hear this? What is the dust?    The doctrines of man----the interpretations that come through the ages, explaining what God is, what man is, what the prophecies or the advent of the times are as they unfold. All these are the  teaching of psychology and philosophies of the man of flesh who is not willing to hear the Father Speak.   That is what is called sorcery, future telling or prognostication, the doctrines of end time preachers and new age concepts as to what the nature of life is. Jesus said, He did not come to foretell the future. He said, "Time is FULFILLED." The serpent (humanity) came to its fullness and God judged it in Jesus the Man and died as the last human.

The cup was full when Jesus said it was finished. 

The cup is full,  Adam, who was the earthman or the earth realm, the realm of the serpent and its dust doctrine, was dissolved. In other words, Adam is dead, the devil is destroyed and Jesus delivered all them that all their lifetime had the fear of death, the fear of hell and judgment, the fear of disease or whatever it is. This human world is a fearful world without love or nature, do you not agree? Fear it no longer,  it was destroyed by the blood of Jesus. You might say to yourself, "What is doing all of the dirty work if the devil is destroyed?"

If the devil is destroyed, when  we know that mortal man never existed as a man, it only existed as a serpent,  a belief in two powers, the fabric of imagination, which is not really a man. Can you comprehend that? When Adam said, "I am afraid," was not a man speaking, because God said to him, "Who told you that?

God does not give the Spirit of fear. 

If God did not give Adam fear, then you know what was speaking did not come from God. It was not even coming from man. It was coming from the dust realm; it speaks as a familiar spirit. Stay with me, you who are still able to hear the Voice of Jesus, because this is vital information and with the information you can conclude and serve the living God, it is wonderful. Don't worry about what you did yesterday or what happened yesterday or the fear that you experienced yesterday or the conflict that you were in because all have sinned, God does not remember your past and is not even aware of what you are doing today. Every day we have to repent when we are in conflict with whatever it is. We have to repent and close the door of oppression.

We have to see the new way and Jesus is  the new and living way, consecrated for us beyond the veil of the serpent consciousness. Otherwise, we are always in the serpent realm of fear and we live in a deceived state of mind, ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. When I am with other people, I can see it work and I must be careful that I do not even judge the evil I see. Whenever I turn around and begin to judge the do--evil in others, it will just turn around and crucify me.

We now have to stand in the place of total non--resistance, we must Love unconditionally, but we must not compromise and justify error.  Then we become the Lamb of God that actually takes away the sin of the world. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, which are the nature of reality and the word of our testimony. The nature that we now feel within ourselves is working and revealing to us the answer to a mystery that we have been looking for all of our lives.  Through loving all, we are finding the immortality of life; the essence that causes us not only to live forever, but to have all the things that God has, and be all the things that God is. Because I am conscious only of God's Love and we are the expression of it, others will feel and see it, but we cannot express it in our humanity, that is impossible. As long as that serpent to one degree or another operates in my flesh or as my flesh, I have not yet considered myself dead unto sin and alive unto God, therefore, I must work on this through non-resistance.

Isaiah 29.

"Woe unto Ariel ( that is Jerusalem) the city where David dwells, you add year to year and you kill your sacrifices. (You do your religious things.) Yet I will distress Jerusalem (religious concepts) and there shall be heaviness and there shall be sorrow and so shall it be unto me as Ariel. And I will camp against thee round about and I will lay siege against thee with a mount and I will raise forts against thee and you shall be brought down and shall speak out of the ground." Do you see that?

There is a voice in the ground, it speaks in our flesh, it is the dust voice that speaks as a serpent. You all know what it is called, the Satan. Listen, "And it shall speak out of the ground and your speech shall be low out of the dust and thy voice shall be as one that has a familiar spirit and out of the ground. And thy speech shall whisper out of the dust."

 GOD DIDN'T SAY THAT-----"You can eat of this tree of the knowledge of good and evil and if you eat thereof you shall be like the most High."  That was humanity that exalted itself in thinking that the there is an other way to the New Heaven and New Earth.

That was the whispering serpent, who said you could not do this, was not it. Did God say that? Did God whisper out of the dust? No. We know then that the dust realm was not created by God, it is the generation of a Serpent Man, who feared  God does not whisper out of the dust, neither did he invest the dust realm with a voice, can you hear this?

God's Word is like a two-edged sword. God's Word is true. God's Word is real, it is truth, it does not deceive  nor misleads Whatever was misleading man was the serpent’s voice and that serpent nature became the constitution of man the Phantom of Gen2. It became his fabric, substance and nature, but it was not really a man, God did not form man from the dust of the ground, it was his own sense of nakedness that formed this realm we call humanity, even the woman was formed as inferior to man, can you hear? The scripture says the Lord God brought in moralitly, that has governed humanity ever since. Are there two gods then? No, there are not two gods. There is not Elohim and a moral God concept.  

Yahweh is a mind-formed concept of God that came about through disobedience.

It is one of the most devastating things to religious sense to realize that we are responsible for our calamities, not God. We are responsible to turn, as Jesus turned from the Adam dust realm of human living and cloaked Him-Self with Christ Consciousness. Jesus heard the voice of the Spirit saying, "You are my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." Do you remember when He was baptized? What does baptism represent?  It means the death to personal sense-----death to the ego, death to what was generated out of sperm and egg, the circumcised, baptized man. That is what baptism means----that the body of sin might be buried forever.

How many times I was baptized I do not know, but every time I came up, I came up the same as I went down. Why? Because the Spirit had not revealed to me the principle of what sin or the serpent realm is.

 I did not know what the serpent was, so many Christians today do not know who is and they are fighting the devil. They are rebuking the devil. You do not have to rebuke the devil. All that you have to do is rebuke yourself and then you will have no more devils. You can say, "Satan, get thee behind me, you favour not the things that be of God but those things that be of man." That is all you have to say every time that you feel angry or resentful.

Sometimes I am oppressed  and laden with feelings of resentment, irritation, and anger. Or don't you have that temptation? Well as long as you have these feelings, you can always say, "Satan get thee behind me." Do not speak to the people that have irritated you or call them the devil and begin to rebuke them. No, you must rebuke your own devil. Then you must forgive seventy times seven.  Isn't that wonderful?

You must now develop a completely new spiritual awareness of your true Christ nature, your name I AM, your constitution, what the Body of Christ and the Body of Sin are and what mortality and immortality are. In all of these things, you have to know the letter of truth to be able to transcend all our material living and standards in which we have previously trusted.

Verse 6: "Thou shalt be visited of the Lord of Hosts with thunder," Now where would He visit you with thunder? He comes in the silence of your meditation. "And with earthquake----" That is what will happen. Your personal earth is going to quake. Your dust realm is going to shake and everything will be shaken that can be shaken. The only thing that will remain is the substance of God, which is the Christ, the substance of your being. That will remain, but nothing else will remain. If you are, a Pentecostal and you know that you have some spiritual gifts, some wonderful thing. All of that will be shaken and loosed from you,  because it is the entire ego desiring powers to perform. You have nothing in your human sense of life that is a help to anybody. If you want to be a vicarious priest, you have to know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing and BE nothing. Only be still and know that I AM GOD

In other words, you are a little vapour that floats around and is nothing as all humanity is but a bad smell. People will sense your humble Spirit and because it is the Presence of God appearing in their midst they will listen to you.  You are no longer dust, you are no longer a mortal human, and you are now immortal, sending out rays of resurrection life, healing and virtue to the people. Your thoughts have now become the leaves, which are the healing of the nations. You are now in communion with the most High. Yes, do you feel  this wonderful presence overshadowing you bring healing and Peace. .

"So in Thee will I hide from the noise of the world of argument? In Thy consciousness, I find assurance and hide myself from the noise--somenes of men's tongues. They will try to divide your garment, O Lord of peace and they quarrel over Thy Word until it becomes words and no longer The Word.  As a beggar have I sought the new heaven and the new earth and Thou hast made me heir of all. How shall I stand before Thee but in silence? How shall I honour thee but in the meditation of my heart? Praise and thanksgiving you do not seek, but the understanding heart you receive and I will keep silent before Thee. 

My soul and my spirit and my silence shall be Thy dwelling place. Thy Spirit shall fill my meditations and it shall make me and preserve me completely O tender one and true. I am home in Thee."   We know that God has laid in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation. Now what is that all about? It is that stone of recognition, a new stone. In the Book of Revelation, "He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches. To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna," the hidden Word, that cannot be spoken, it cannot be heard with the mind but the evidence is there.

We sing about the ball-bearing bird. "The ball bearing bird has never been seen and has never been heard." How do you know there is a ball-bearing bird? Because we see the evidence as ball bearings all over the place.  I know that is a poor illustration, but that is how it is.

How do you know that God is here? Because the evidence is here, I can feel it, the silence is here. I can hear the heart; we are of one witness, one voice. It is the realization, the recognition that this is here now. "I will give to eat of the hidden manna and I will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written which no man knows, save he who has received it."

This is a challenge for every one of us to become aware of God's Presence Here and Now. You will first get a strong awareness that this human world is not your heritage, and for a while you will be disappointed. You used to think that if you had enough money or enough health or enough security, or enough pension money to have this and that, you would be secure. 

All of this, you will realize is not your security.

It all passes away and it is gradually losing its value. The world will be seeking it more and more, because the world will seek it in material sense, it will never find it. The desire to live forever or even to be with the LORD,  reflected in the belief by Christians that Jesus is coming, to take them out of the world.

Isn't that the great cop-out? God is not going to take anything out of this world. He is going to destroy all what humanity stands for. We thought that we were going to be taken out of the world but do not forget, that every concept that we have ever had of this world are lies. This includes the second coming, the rapture, the changing or evolution of the atoms in the DNA so that this physical body becomes immortal . They are all lies.

Isaiah 28:17

"But judgment also will I lay to the line and righteousness to the plummet and the hail shall sweep the refuse of lies." 

What is the refuse of lies? 

First, refuse what you call it is garbage, isn't it? We have to put the garbage bin out. Are we going to put the bin out and let God consume the refuse of lies? "And the waters shall overflow the hiding place." We have put our trust in whatever there is in this world, trust in money, in health, in the hope that we will float out of here. Ninety percent of the Christians believe that the rapture is going to happen and the Christians are going to have a good time in heaven somewhere. Or else there will be a group of them kept safely in the desert while God destroys the rest. All of the concepts that people have formed are the hiding places or the personal places of refuge that humanity believes to be their safety. We hide ourselves in imaginary forms, which have no substance, no reality; it is just like a dream or a fairy story. Take for instance the Easter bunny. How many of you believe in the Easter bunny? A bunny laying eggs, come now, you do not take away the Easter bunny because it is everywhere. Father Christmas and the rapture are all in the same category.

This includes the second coming and all those things which we have heard about and believed in.  This is serious. We can no longer be children, tossed back and forth by every wind of doctrine, by the sleight and cunning of men. We must conclude that every imagination must be cast down along with every high thing that exalts itself against the true knowledge of God and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. We must say then, "OK, I cast down all of this; I come out of my little hiding place where I thought I was safe."

It is like an ostrich sticking his head in the sand and thinking he is safe. We are not going to be safe. If we do not have the knowledge of God, we are not safe. I do not care how good a Christian you are and how wonderful you have been as a human, you are not safe, you need to be born of the Spirit so that your are open-eyed,  to see the Father working.

You are not safe until you know what the substance and nature of yourself is and where you can find it because there is a hiding place.

There is a secret place of the most High and I will close with that. The secret place of the most high is found in Psalm 91. I know that this is a very familiar scripture but never mind whether it is known or not, it still gives a very clear idea that if we dwell in the secret place------that we have the real hiding place. There is place where the hail makes a lot of dents and dings, and some say the hail is as big as cricket balls.

You know that there is devastation in the earth we know now, but this is only the beginning of--sorrows.

You ask, "Why doesn't God do something about it?" God cannot do anything about it. He is urging us to come to realize that we are the very God of creation and all of this time we have been expressing lies and we ourselves have brought about the trouble and calamity that is in the world because of a mistaken identity. Now we must return to our original God-consciousness where we know ourselves the way we are known of God and that is not your so called evolving humanity. Then we can begin to bring deliverance to the creation, which is now travailing until there is the manifestation of the Sons of God. Let us wake up.

"I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge-------" Notice that? Previously we said we have made our refuge in lies, but God is not a liar so we can make our refuge in Him and then He becomes our fortress and He becomes our God and in Him will we trust. Now I know that this is the letter of truth, so you must find out by getting this tape and listening to it again. What is the God that the Psalmist is talking about? What is this new creation man,  this man that is going to govern the earth? What is the Son that is born unto me? What is the Greater One that is within me that is greater than all of the activity of the serpent man?

"Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence and He shall cover thee with His feathers----it not means that serpents will grow feathers to fly as taught in Darwinism, no beloved,  pigs don’t fly.” Notice, God protects us in all of these things but He does not get rid of all the pestilence. He is not getting rid of all of the famine and all of the plagues and earthquakes because He cannot. God cannot stop anything.

  1. You know that God cannot stop anything that you put in motion.
  2. God never stops anybody from doing any thing. God never stops anybody from doing anything.

    Once we realize what God is and what the activity of God is, it is then that which was the former activity of the carnal mind, also known as the activity of mortality dissolves.  We transcend above all these mortal concepts such as Gravity, disease, pestilence, earthquakes, inhumanity to man, whatever this world consists of as its substance and nature  dissolves. So what is the greatest advent? Awakening to righteousness and sinning not. Paul says, "I say this to your shame, you have not the knowledge of God." All we have to do is wake up----wake up to who you truly are . You say, "Well I woke up this morning." Did you now, are you sure? 

Have you ever been asleep and you wake up in your dream? 

Well that is what happens to us human beings. They are awakening every morning in a dream, but they are still asleep in death. Let us wake up out of the dream of humanity, out of the dream so that we get a double waking up. Then we see the light. 'Oh look at this!" This is a completely new earth, a completely new heaven. It already exists. Do you understand? "And there shall be no more sorrow, there shall be no more weeping for the former things have passed away and I make all things new." Who does that? I do, so don't blame god. "I make all things new." You have to make all things new. Are you going to make all things new? Okay, let us do it.

Love Tony!

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