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"I"  Was There!

Reprinted: November, 26 2008

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"I"  Was There!

The awakened Soul who is not looking for another but has begun the Re--cognition of His own Divinity shall see the reward of this Re--cognition,  instead of the bitter harvest of tears He has so long had through the denial of ME, I AM!

  • I was there when the Mountains where spoken into being.  
  • I was there when the first rays of Sunlight shone and brought the first dawn and all life began its journey. 
  • I was there when the Creation began its eternal song, I have always been in Him, I am not a Man, I am God's Eternal Offspring.
  • I am not male nor female, I abide in the Place My Father prepared for Me for all eternity, it is wonderful!

Don't forget,  the Law was added because of the transgression of Spiritual Law which states that I am created in true Holiness and Righteousness. 

The Law of the I AM was disobeyed and we all came under the curse of the Law and were lowered into mortality by one mans disobedience. 

Rejoice now you who read this letter,for again when you hear and obey the Voice of Jesus our Savior (The Inner Christ Image),  you can come again into the Fathers Bosom, back to the beginning where Immortality is yours through the Blood of Jesus, it is wonderful!

What is Spiritual Law?
  • Spiritual Law is the realization that by Grace I am One with the Father.
  • Now,  without guilt or fear I can stand in the Presence of  the Father as One Being. Remember,  the conscience (illigitimate sense of life) gives me a moral feeling of Life (A sense of fear and guilt toward God) which is death.
  • You see beloved, Moral law is not God's Law. Moral Law came about by Adam's sense of "I am naked." Adam descended into mortality and  took all his descendence with him.
  • Later on this Moral sense of God was again introduced by Moses.  Law must be there to constrain the Accuser of the brethren, called the conscience, it is the Satan, the serpent of Gen2, this illegitimate sense of separation accuses us before the throne of God day and night.
  • The conscience will continue to accuse us until we hear the Voice of the Son of God and believe in His Name, then the conscience is replaced by a sense of belonging and acceptance, it is wonderful.

Part 2 The blood of the Lamb!

The blood of the Lamb of God when we receive it takes away the guilt and fear  we have all inherited from Adam. 

Now, through Christ Jesus' ascension into Heaven where He was before, in total Oneness in the Father He overcame the illusion of a self-life for all Mankind, Jesus destroyed it (the Devil) that gave us this sense of being separate and apart from God. In this Place of Rest He washed us clean from the guilt of the past by His own Nature of Love, it is wonderful. 

However we must also realize that this Place of Grace and Truth which Jesus prepared for us is far above the carnal reason of the religious moralist, who tries to get to Heaven through religious rites and doctrines and that cannot be done!

  • Think, we cannot please God through anything what we do in our religious feelings of guilt and fear.  We must be born again of the Spirit of Truth and receive the Free Gift of Righteousness, I AM   the only Way, Jesus said.
  • Romans 5:16-18 And not as it was by one that sinned, so is the gift: for the judgment was by one to condemnation, but the free gift is of many offences unto justification.  For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.)  Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life. (KJV)

I believe that at this moment in time there is going to be a rooting up and a dividing the goat from the sheep.  Now, the realm where Life ISOur Father who again is revealing the Only Begotten, (You and I in Christ Jesus) to whom the Promise of Eternal Life is given, it is wonderful, can you say amen?

The Word is Life!

The Word of God is dividing the Morality (goat) of life from what you truly are THE OFFSPRING OF GOD, rooting up all false beliefs (goat).   The Blood of the Lamb cleansing  the Conscience from its dead works.  Now,  serve the Living God,  by us realizing the Finished Kingdom and be at Peace (sheep).  

His Grace is our sufficiency. 

Grace is bringing us back to the Place where guilt and a sense of fear is cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony, it is wonderful.

Two Masters?

In the Place of Grace and Truth where we belong we can not mix the two,  moral law or  Grace and 'Truth, we cannot serve two masters, for we will love one and hate the other and that is double mindedness. 

We must hear the Voice of the Son of God in our Meditation and follow Him in the regeneration, then our whole body is full of Light and Life. We either live by Law and die (goat), or we Live in the Grace Place (sheep), which Jesus Prepared for us, so make the Choice,  we can only serve One Christ Jesus and live life to the fullest!

All that which has been formed in Adam as we call carnal reason must be rooted out of our consciousness, before we can enter the realm of Grace, do you hear this beloved?

Acts 20:32 And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified. (KJV)

  • I AM  come Jesus said, that ye may have Life".
  • I AM come to prepare this Place of Grace for you in consciousness Jesus said, so that the Body may be there also, health and prosperity in all area of Life is yours, by Grace.

So there is then a Place in the Invisible where the Body can function eternally and Immortal, without ever dying. In this realm of Grace we no longer experience the Curse of the Law, such as dis-ease, lack or fear of impending doom,  where the worm never dies.

We all know that in Adam, the Flesh Man of the dust, we all died.  Adam's Carnal consciousness has separated the Physical Body so to speak from the Spirit influence of the Father and dying it dies.  But praise the Name of Jesus who through His resurrection of the whole man brought immortality to light. Now health and peace is coming  back to our bodies. Remember,  in reality there is not a Spiritual Body and a Natural Body.  Yes, there is a false concept of the true body, but the Body is Christ and can never die again.

Part 3 The Eternal House made without hands

The physical sense of Body caused the Body to be severed from its Spiritual destiny. But don't forget, physicality  is but a belief it is  not a reality, your Body is really the Temple of God, It lives eternally, can you hear this?.

In this world we can see the pain and disease most peoples bodies experience, but we must know that this  is because the world is ignorant of their true heritage, consequently their body is still under the curse of the Law and it will die!

  • Do you realize that this Phenomena we call disease, fear, lack or sin, came about by the feeling of a life separate and apart from God?
  • Fear gives us the illusive sense that our body is separated from the Father's Life, but that cannot be beloved, our body is already eternal and immortal and cannot die or experience dis-ease.
  • Yes, Adam started the belief that his body was separated from its Divine Ordination, which of course is really an impossibility. 
  • Our true body is always maintained and upheld by the power of God, whether we believe it or not, but it is better that we subject our body to the Grace of God through Faith, don't you think?

Where do you live?

If we live in Adam now, we will continue to have a sense of separation, we will always feel incomplete. In Adam we experience all sorts of calamity and die the death. However, in Christ Jesus we must turn within and find the Place of Grace, where the Body will find health and peace, it is wonderful! 

Don't forget, the Body suffers because of our ignorance, not because of the climate or any environmental condition we live in and it is not God who is the cause of our troubles. Mankind in their ignorance of truthe as a whole no longer knows the mystery of our true Body which is eternal, but remember, the Body is just as immortal as God is¸ so it is up to us to find its keeping power.

Romans 8:9-11

 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.  And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.  But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

Part 4 Entering the Place of silence.

The Adam mind cannot see or be aware of the Place which Jesus Prepared for the whole man Spirit, Soul and body, because it is but flesh and cannot see Truth. Let us place ourselves in the silence of God's Presence, where the carnal reason of the Mind is put out of ac-action. Now in silence we again can hear the Voice of Jesus, who will lead our body and all our experiences into the designed Will of God, which is always wonderful. Jesus came first to the revelation; "I am the Resurrection and I am the Life", now we can live in this revelation also. "I", in my true essence which is Christ,

  • "I am the Resurrection and the Life unto all who come to me for regeneration".

Now the Door is Open.  The resurrected Jesus is the door through which we all can now come back into the Place which God has promised to us in Gen 1 as our House which is our Consciousness purged from its dead works.

In Gen 2&3  we lost the Knowledge of this House of Grace,  because in Adam's sense of fear and nakedness, we all became dense, dust realm creatures. In Adam we no longer have the ability to hear the Voice of Jesus, we must be born again.

The redemption of the body!

Jesus said; "I AM the resurrection and the Life, He or She who believes in Me, though He or She is dead in Adam, severed from our Spiritual heritage called the Christ which lives within us, yet shall we live, and whosoever liveth and believeth in ME shall never, never die." 

You no longer have to die, this sense of Truth has become a reality to me now, I will never see death. How about you, receive that Spirit in your heart now?

  • Now my body is in this New conscious awareness of what Jesus accomplished and it experiences Life and Peace.
  • My body is now joint unto the Spiritual Substance called Truth, and it is being redeemed from all the curse of the law. 
  • My body is now brought back to its rightful Place of Dominion. Now my Soul and my  Body is now One activity, full of Grace and Truth, as our Father ordained it to be.

"I am come to prepare this Place of Grace for you Jesus said, that where I am your Body and Soul may be also"

So, having now re---cognized this Presence and Place within you, the same Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead is now working health and well-being for you, within and without, bring-bringing redemption to the whole Man.  We shall now reign in life by One Christ Jesus. Now we are One Bread and we all have access by One Spirit into the Promised Realm of Grace, so that we can Live there and Move there for all eternity.

Part 5 Preserved blameless

In this realm of Now, our whole Spirit, our whole Soul and our whole Body shall be preserved blameless at the full appearing of that who's right it is! Faithful is He who calls you into this Place of Now, who will also do it. 

He will never leave you, nor forsake you, even if you presently make your bed in Hell, Jesus is there, call upon His Name now! Just be still and know that I am God and follow Me in the regeneration. I will lead you into the Resurrection and the ascension of life.

You see beloved, through Christ Jesus there is a Way through this dense belief in matter.  Jesus rent the Veil of this dense belief in matter thinking. 

Remember, the belief that we are born and eventually die is of course all but illusion. We where never born, we are the offspring of God, we shall always BE.

  • We are not material, we are Consciousness or the Word of God expressed NOW, BY FAITH!

We are not separated from the Place which Jesus ascended into, THE NEW HEAVEN AND EARTH.  Jesus has shown us the Way back into the full conscious awareness of it by the Spirit of Truth.

Repentance from all past beliefs.

Yes, there has to be repentance from dead beliefs and doctrines which dense ignorance of truth have controlled us, which continues to create problems of all sorts. Again we must receive the engrafted Word of the Son of God into our Hearts, He Who speaks within us is able to save our Soul from the corruption that rules as carnal mind of Adam¸ bringing death and damnation into our experience. 

The Realm of Grace delivers us from the haunting sense of separation we all have inherited from Adam. Faith in the Blood (spontaineous life force) of Jesus causes the debris of the unconscious to be cleared away.  Now  we can stand on Holy Ground, without guilt or a sense of sin to bother us. Wonderful, wonderful!

The Holy Spirit works NOW!

Christ Jesus as our Life giving Spirit is now in the unseen realm, revealing this Mystery to us by his Holy Spirit. When we hear His Voice it frees us from the unconscious ties of fear and death. Un--consciously now many things which are dormant conditions such as disease, lack, haunting sense of sin or lack, are now dissolved, before they can surface in our experience.

What a wonderful Savior Jesus is!

The whole curse of the Law, which we all inherited from Adam is now taken away, even before it can come into manifestation. 

That is what the blood of Jesus does, it cleanses us now from all sin and dormant cosmic activity, which in our humanity we can never free ourselves from, it is wonderful!

This is what Paul means when he said;

Eph 2:13-18

But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.  For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;  Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace;  And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:  And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh.  For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father. (KJV)

Part 6 Living by Grace!

Living by Grace is not life through the moral Law of the conscience, no!  The conscience is a sense of guilt an illigitimate feeling of fear,  bringing the thing that I fear greatly upon me, this is the law of as ye sow, so shall ye reap! The law of the conscience is never satisfied, it always demands more of you. We must forget our ascetic attempts to please God by our works or acts of goodness, do you hear ME! In the realm of works we are but Pharisees, wonderful on the outside, but full of dead man's bones on the In-side!

This Secret Place which Jesus prepared for us in the Inner Kingdom we have withdrawn ourselves from all the unclean appearance of evil and in fact all good also. Remember, everything that can be examined with the mind is unclean and cannot enter the Kingdom prepared for us.  We need illumination to see it for what it is, so be still and know it in silence. 

What we observe in the outer world is not reality. All we can see and sense in this world is, nothing, trying to be something.

Dissolving the Lies!

Our realization of Grace dissolves the material sense of being to which we are bound.  In our material sense of life we feel it to be our true life, but that is not so, we must transcend  our mental feelings of life to see the Place of Grace, which Jesus prepared for us all to be in NOW. The aim of Christ's action which is now appearing in us dissolves all these material ties that we have been associated with in this world. In the Now Realm of Life before they have a chance to appear as our experience disease and lack will dissolve. It will happen to us as we believe it in our heart, so shall be our experience. This is the law of as ye sow, so shall ye reap, we must repent and change our place of worship, do you hear?

Escaping the Law of Mistaken Identity!

You see beloved, if the bud of error, when it appears in our awareness, such as sin, fear, disease, lack or loneliness, is destroyed before it first appears, it will have no chance to grow to full maturity.  After we hear the Gospel of Righteousness without the Moral code of the Law and we will see the Salvation of the Lord.

This is Grace appearing as God's Gift to you and you cannot earn it! 

Are you not glad that the forerunner Jesus has broken down the middle wall of ordinances which where imposed upon us through the Law of Commandments.

When He first appeared, He took upon Himself the form of a servant, born of a women, born under the law, to redeem them who all their lifetime where subject to the curse of the Law.

Gal 4:2-6 Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world:  But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.  And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father. (KJV)

Ascending into Immortality!

Jesus as the Last Adam entered into the Place where the Law has no longer any power to curse us or make us sick or lonely.  There is no longer a carnal mind functioning in them who live in this realm of Grace.  The former feeling of seperation  cannot condemn us any longer to make us feel that we have need of anything, we are already complete in Christ Jesus, it is wonderful.

Part 7 Our inheritance revealed in silence!

  • In silence all things are already ours by inheritance, we must be still and the Shepherd of our Soul will lead us into the Promise. 

In this Place Jesus the resurrected ascended Christ the Lord of All is now Our Life and in Him we are One in Spirit in Soul and in Body. 

Jesus said; If I go, I go to Prepare a Place for you, and if I go, I will come again and receive you unto My-Self that where I AM in Truth, that you may be there also.

So we do not have to fret ourselves if we feel that we are standing alone for a season, when every body thinks that you have gone of the deep end, I will never leave you and I will never forsake you.

God has only One Offspring!

  • If I go, I will come again into manifestation, for there is only One Only begotten Son of God, full of Grace Truth.

In our Religious thinking we always thought that we where many, but that is not true, we are One Body of Christ Jesus the fullness of Him which fills all in all. 

  • Abraham had many sons but we must realize that Jesus was the Last Son of Abraham
  • Now in Christ Jesus there is only One Offspring and we are that Offspring. And again He brings in the Only begotten Son as a free gift unto all those who hear His Voice and obey Him.
Living in the Only Begotten Son!
  • And again I shall be a Father unto you and you shall be my Offspring, and I will receive you unto My-Self and I shall be wedded to the Body.  
  • You shall bring forth much fruit, 30 - 60- and 100 fold. 
  • I am now One with My Man--I-festation. It is wonderful!
  • This Man-I-festation is always good and never evil, for it is the I am that I am!  

I always think good thoughts toward you, thoughts of Peace, so that ye may have an expectation of good and not of evil. This is what living in the Place which Jesus prepared for us brings to us, it gives us Peace and Prosperity, and whatever we set our hands to do will prosper and succeed.

Judge not by the outer appearances!

Man in his Adam state of a separate sense of Being lives by the outer appearances of Life.  Adam always judges by the appearance of life, consequently he is under condemnation and suffers many negations. 

  • The appearance of good or evil which are in this world, are not found in the Place which Jesus prepared for us in the Christ Consciousness. Think on this!
  • Man in his carnal reason is under Moral Law, including all what we know as Christianity today.

The Church is still under Law!

We today as a Church have been moralists and we are dead to the Voice of Freedom. In the morality realm we are not true Christians. In our ignorance we see the Alcoholic, the Drug addict or the Prostitute as Sinners on their way to Hell, con-consequently what we judge somebody else to be in our moral evaluation is the judgment we shall receive ourselves, for this is the Law of Reciprocals, we can not escape it.

Part 8 A Loving Father!

  • My Father Judges no-one!

I am so glad that Jesus brought the true Law of Life to me.  Jesus  let me know and said:, "My Father Judges no-one"

We are all that One Body, whether we are Jew or Gentile, bond or Free Male or Female, sinner or saint, good or evil.

"If you judge the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me" 

Jesus said; and you will die the death, if you do. In our wrong judgment, our body, which should be under Grace and Truth, because that is God's will for our Life, is now under the curse of the Law of Sowing and reaping. 

In our ignorance of Law we experience dis-ease, lack and sin because of false beliefs, Think!

You see beloved, Soul and body must  abide in the realm which Jesus prepared for us all, then only  will we no longer be out of harmony. Grace will flow through us to fill our minds with Life and Truth which will forever bring health and wholeness to our body, it is wonderful!

The Lamb of God!

If we live in the realm of non-judgment, we are again the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. In Jesus we are now in Grace and Truth, and we follow the Lamb (Principle of non Resistance) where ever He goes, it is wonderful.

Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers.
  • What are these unbelievers, are they the people in the world who are not Christians? 
  • No, these unbelievers are states of the carnal Mind. 
  • These feelings and judgments that we have towards man and women and towards our experiences in Life are the Unbelievers. 

However,  non of these convictions of the Carnal mind are reality, they are all creations of the carnal mind. These things are not God Created or Ordained experiences, so they are not true and must be cast down as imagination. 

Non of this Appearance World is God ordained,  in this world of good and evil you will have tribulation. That is why Jesus said;

"Be of Good cheer My Beloved, I have overcome the Illusion of a separate self-hood". If this World would be a God ordained World for us to be in, then Jesus would have sinned by saying this;

"Father Sanctify them from this World by thy Living Word which will keep them from all Evil, as you have kept Me from this World."

The Imaginary realm of Adam is belial the devil.

Adam is the mind formation of an imaginary realm, what Jesus called this world. We now know this world to be flesh, the realm of the unbelievers. (Carnal Reason)

So we see then what Paul says here: "What fellowship has Righteousness with Lawlessness, and what fellowship has Christ (Truth) with Belial or the Devil. (Serpent Mind)

Righteousness and Truth is the Realm which Jesus prepared for us all beyond the Veil of flesh which was the cause of our blindness in the first place. Righteousness is the Place of the Right Hand of God where Law has no power over us, for a Righteousness Consciousness has no sense of sin, guilt or lack in it to judge us.

  • Righteousness is the Place of Being-ness where we no longer feel a sense of separation in it, we live by Faith.

Communion in Him!

Communion is a  Realm or Place of Being.  It is the Body of Christ Jesus in total awareness of its true Being it is the Fullness of Him which fills all in All.
For what communion or what fellowship has Light with Darkness. Jesus said:

"Drink of My Blood and eat of My Flesh and commune with me in Spirit and in Truth and you shall never see death". This is Communion, there is no other way!

  • If we do not eat of His Flesh and Drink of His Resurrection Life we all die in our ignorance. 
  • Eternal Life cannot flow through a dual consciousness that lives by law, it can not be done, we will die if we do, for the law appoints us to death!

Part 9 The Wages of Sin!

If we live by Moral Law, we also live by Lawlessness, for nobody in His or Her humanity can live to the letter of the Law. If we decide to live by the Moral code of the Law, we find that the Law is Holy, but we are all sold (By Adam) under sin (A mistaken Identity). So now we must die to our old man, the dust realm man and rise into now---ness of life, which is in Christ Jesus.

By the Law it is appointed unto Adam once to die. Now in Christ Jesus we all can live by Grace.  We can be all made alive in Christ Jesus without works, it is wonderful. If we commune in Jesus the Life giving Spirit we transcend Law. Now we enter the Place what He prepared for us and have Peace of Mind, the Curse is broken and we are free Being!.

Isa 32:17&18 The Work of Righteousness will be Peace, quietness and Assurance forever. My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.

Rom 8:3 For what the Law could not do in that is was weak through the Flesh God send His only begotten in the Likeness of Sinful Flesh, (The Last Morality Man) to die for all as all, and reconciled the world to Himself, not Imputing our trespasses.

So what accord has Christ, which is the True Image of God's Creating to do with Belial, (The Flesh Man) which lives by the appearances of life through the conscience, and what part has a believer with an unbeliever, (Mind of Flesh)

A believer is a person who has believed in their heart that the Righteousness without the Law was revealed and purchased by Jesus through His Death as the Last Adam. Through His Re---surrection as a Life Giving Spirit I am Now Complete.

Jesus through His death sacrificed His Hebrew heritage so He could buy the field of Joy, where we now all can live and move and have our being forever.

By Grace you have been saved!

You see it was by Grace that I was saved, it was not of my moral goodness through abstaining from food, sex, or any other comfort we know as humans, but by receiving the free gift of Love which is His only begotten Son into our heart, that this salvation becomes a re-reality to us.

So what agreement has the Temple of God which is the Place which Jesus prepared for us with Idols, (god's formed by the mind of guilt which do not even exist)?

What are Idols?

Idols are doctrinal concepts, church beliefs in god's formed by the carnal mind, which is void of understanding. 

Idolic worship is so rampant in the general Church today in the belief that God is Processing His Creation back into Son ship, is this true?

I can now see that all this type of teaching is generated out of a sense of guilt and sin. This type of  teaching God the Father of Jesus knows nothing about. The Father of Jesus can only know you as His beloved Child in whom He is well pleased.

Jesus gave us the parable of the lost Son. Luke 15:11-32

  • The Son of God a free Gift!
  • His only begotten Son is a free gift to all who can hear Him and this Son which you are, if you are born again. The image of God does not need perfecting or processing.
  • In Jesus Christ I already am complete and perfect.
  • The anointing is the teacher, He will guide me into all truth, so I can begin to know myself the way I am known of God.

No longer do I have to look through a glass darkly, now I see Him face to face. I now see it the way it truly is beyond the Veil of flesh, which Jesus rent when He died on Calvary. It is wonderful! 

The Yahweh concept of God is formed through thousands of years of darkness and alienation from the Presence where we really belong, so it is time to get to know the Father of Jesus don't you think. The conscience (Law god) has blinded us from seeing who we truly are in Christ Jesus, who Him-Self said; "My Father Judges No man!"

Part 10 What is God then Tony?

  • The True God is the Father of Jesus, the generator of the Gen 1 Man. 
  •    The Father of Jesus did not ordain the Dust Man of Gen2&3.  
  • Adam which is but a Phantom man is a belief in a separate selfhood, which is but illusion, there is not a natural man and the Christ Image!
  • Think,  Christ is the Image of God, which without Father or Mother, without beginning or ending, My Father and I are One Being, that is the only Creation there is!

You and I are inclusive in this Realm of the I AM, it is wonderful. 

Jesus Prepared this Realm again for us, and through His Death the Veil of personal sense living was rent.  NOW Christ-Jesus is a life Giving Spirit, filling all with His Life. 

The Father of Jesus is called EL-ELYON,  the Almighty God.

To know this EL-ELYON, without a sense of sin, IS ETERNAL LIFE, and you if you know it intuitively, you shall never see death.

He said; "I will dwell in them and shall be their God" That is what Jesus said:

"I am the Resurrection and the Life and I will dwell in them, and I will walk among them and Be Them!"

Filled with Light!
  • You can see then that this applies to the inside and the outside of your being, IT BENEFITS Soul and Body. 
  • He dwells in the inner consciousness' of spiritual awareness and the outer as well, SO THE WHOLE MAN IS FILLED WITH LIGHT AND LIFE. 

Our body and our circumstances in Life will be filled with Light, and I will be their God, and all is well with my Soul! So we see here, the god they where worshiping in their Temple sacrifices, is not their true God! This concept of a God behind a Veil is but a mind formed god of Law, generated out of a sense of guilt and duality.

Consciousness is where Christ-Jesus is Now, we shall be His People, therefore He said; "Come out from among them and be ye separate says the Lord. This exhortation is the Living Word speaking to you. I do not speak the letter because the letter kills, I only speak the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

Do not listen to Strangers!
  • Christ-Jesus is the Living Word Who Speaks to Me Now,  I will not listen to strangers. 
  • I am taught by the One who ascended far above all principality and power, far above the darkness of the Adam Realm of Dust.
  •  It was Jesus who made us to sit in Him, in His Place of Grace and Truth ,when He rose from the dead and ascended on High. 

Jesus is no longer a singular man in Heaven somewhere. 

Christ-Jesus is a Life giving Spirit, living in us as the substance of our total Being. It is not true that the Father is again creating a man in His Image and Likeness. He has already Created us in True Holiness and Righteousness, which does not need any improvement, I am so glad are you not?


The Life of Jesus is the fullness of the Body of Christ, filling us with Himself, the moment we open the door of our Heart and let Him in. 

So in True Essence, we are Jesus, and we are, for we can not have any separation in the I am which I am!

Those who are joined unto the Lord are One Spirit with Him, for ever.

The Old Concept of God was the Law, which dealt very harshly with the People of Israel, if they would violate its demands. The Law god gives life if we obey it to the letter. However,  if we live in ignorance of Truth, this same Law will take it away again. Jesus came and showed us the New and living Way, which through His own Life blood has consecrated for us beyond the Veil of flesh and ushered us into the Most Holy Place. Now Life and Immortality is revealed again  to us through the Gospel, without the Morality of the Law to constrain us.

The Gospel of Freedom!

The Gospel which Jesus preached and taught has the Power in it to deliver us from Law and the Curse of a Mistaken Identity, it is wonderful!  Now, having these promises let us cleans ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and Spirit, perfecting holiness in fear of God's Word, which is Life to those who find it and Health to all our Flesh.

This does not mean that we have to be morally holy or clean, although I recommend it to any one who wants to walk in Holiness and Truth, so that the Gospel be not offended. However, we should not think that by obeying Moral Law such as not getting drunk or not smoking dope or not committing adultery, that we can enter the Kingdom of God, for then we are mistaken.

Our Fathers says; "Be ye holy as I am Holy says the Lord who is the Spirit", not try to be, for that is impossible, we must believe that we are already Holy and blameless in His sight.

You see beloved, we can seem to be morally holy on the outside and be full of dead mans bones on the inside. What goes into a man's mouth does not defile a man, it is that which comes out of his heart is what defiles him.

Think on this!

Cleansing the Temple!

The cleansing of the Temple can only take place when we withdraw from all outer appearances of evil which are so rampant in this world. In silence without one plea, we can enter into the most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus. However, the Place of entry has nothing to do with our own goodness or evil acts we do in our human life style.  We enter into the Holiest of All by reckoning our-selves to be dead unto sin and alive unto God. 

  • The moment the Alcoholic,  adulteress or even the Moralist turns to the Father of Jesus, our sins are immediately washed clean, it is wonderful. 
  • In silent worship our Conscience is purged from dead works, of being good or evil. 
  • By faith we are ushered into the Most Holy Place by the Blood of Jesus and there is no other Way. Think on these things!


Relax, get quiet, let go of all desire. In our Silent listening to the Voice of God we can enter the Throne of Grace, the Place which Jesus has prepared for us all. We must now take of all our material sandals (Desire for Health or Wealth) at the door of the sanctuary. I must now come to God the Father of My Being and know that He Is, and that I am a Creature of Himself, a spiritual Being, I am not flesh and blood, I am Spirit the substance of God's Nature and Name.

In my silent listening I am now One with all spiritual Being and Idea and I am at Peace. All is now well with my Soul. All is Peace, Perfect Peace. Now in the realization of God's Presence nothing else matters. God is running His Universe and I am in the Center of Silence where all Creative Energy is unleashed with un-erring accuracy, it is wonderful.

Nothing is now impossible when I rest in the Completed Kingdom. By becoming a beholder of God's Grace in action, in the stillness of My Meditation, all things what I have need of are drawn to me. This is what happens if I am still and know that I am One in Him, all things what I have need of is added to me.

  • In this Place of Rest I am an Heir of God and a Joint Heir with Christ Jesus, can you hear it beloved!

When you are still and know that what you are Aware of in the Silence of God's inner sanctuary is your own Self, the I am of God's bosom, for there is no other. It is wonderful!

In Jesus the Christ of God there is no worry for your life, only Peace, Peace, Peace and a wonderful sense of belonging, crying Abba Father. In this state of Love and Peace the Spirit of the Lord is now upon you, "Be still and see the Salvation of God", see how He straightens out the crooked Path before you.

Part 11 "God is my Life"

Now when you are sure that it is God who is Your Life and Light, speak the Word what you hear your Father utter in the Silence, then the Word the Rhema of God cannot return unto you-void, It shall accomplish that to which you have send it.

Instead of the Problem, the Life force of Faith, which is now in your heart and in your mouth will demonstrate the Invisible substance of what you have hoped for, which you now see and it will materialize before you as what is known as answered prayer.

This Faith force is now going out from you in all directions, blessing everything upon which it rest and all who will touch the hem of your garment will be healed.

It reaches out to the uttermost part of the Earth, (Your Conscious awareness of the Presence I mean) and the watch man on the tower on the most remote part of the Earth will report back and will say, "All is well, Peace be on to you, it is done!

Now a deep sense of Joy fills you, you now realize in its true sense what "All is well with My Soul means"

  • My Soul is the Soul and Being of what Jesus called His Body.
  • Sacrifice and offering thou would not, but a Body hast thou prepared for me.

A state of realization where I recognize the Place what Jesus has prepared for the Soul of God, which is His offspring, in whom He is well pleased.

  • It is wonderful, we are complete in Him!

Now in our silence we hear His Voice and the Peace that Passes all our human understanding now floods our Soul and body and health is springing up out of the Presence of His Will.

Free yourselves from all desire of the flesh and walk untroubled into your own Kingdom of abundance, which "I" have prepared for you from the foundation of the world. You are now a Being of Authority, for you know who you are and you know yourself the way you are known of God. Selah! Stop and think on these things.

Even though the Problems of human living rages around you like a cyclone, you are in the Center of Being, indifferent to outside conditions. They will change as you speak,

  • "Be still, all is well, Peace on earth and goodwill to all"
  • It is finished and so it is, wonderful and complete!
  • Now we have completed our meditation do not go back to the problem or the condition you feared before, you must maintain silence as much as you are able.
  • "Let nothing disturb you" God IS, that is all you need to know!"



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Light of The World Ministry

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Tony & Martha den Hartog


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