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The original term ’Pain--Body' found in this letter is a reference taken from the Book: 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle.   Eckhart inspired me to see the contrast as to what the pain body formed by the un-conscious past represents and the true Body which is Christ, IS here and Now! 

As we all experience psychological pain due to our past human experience as independent personalities, I found the need to write in this issue about that which was shown ME what the Body of Sin or Pain Body really IS.  In my address, writings and audio messages, I have taken the liberty to use this applicable term 'pain body' to further our knowledge as to why all this pain and suffering is happening to most people in the world today?


  1. This is a time to remember who we are for we have forgotten that we are the offspring of God, the only begotten of the Father.
  2. It is a time to remember the purposes of God that have been veiled because of a form that we have taken on which is not ours.
  3. I would call this sense of life that is governed by time ‘The pain body, the Flesh sense of Life,  formed by years of living in a false sense of "I".’

We may ask, "What is a pain body?" Well the Scripture tells us that to be present with the 'body' formed and was controlled by the memories of the past is to be absent from the Lord, for the Lord is the eternal I AM, the present tense Now Being---ness that is not subject to time or space. Can you see that?  We have always thought that our flesh and bone body is our true body, but it is the way we think about our body is that what creates the problem, for really, our Body is incorporeal, it is Spirit, not flesh and blood and lives and moves in the Now.  In our humanity we have a false sense of being and in it we may feel pain or anxiety that is  formed by what we remember, it causes this physical body to react, producing many forms of pain and fear.

The reason why the body reacts to the appearances of this world is why it feels the pain and the problems of life. It is because we have departed from our true sense of Being, the "I" or true Self that was in the Beginning with God  AS LIGHT IT SELF!

  • Ignorantly we live a mistaken Identity, a false sense of being and the memories of the past haunt us and pain is experienced.

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Date: 9/11/2007 6:51:54 AM

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Subject: gardenborn "I'm Doing This"

Jim and Melba give us this to ponder on------------ what am I doing?

I'm doing this!”

“What must we do Lord?  What must we do?  Hours of wondering, questioning, immeasurable dilemmas, a very important non-state of being to anyone right now.  Entanglement so threatening, mind boggling; you know, like what may we do about global warming, or the financial world, or terrorists or cancer, or even aging of the body itself or maybe just groceries or getting our teeth fixed or even gas for the car?  What can we do Lord?  What can we do?  What, even can we do about the gifts of the Spirit?”

            Then, after much fire and fervor, comes the answer!  “I’m doing this!”

            “Now, wait a minute.  What about our manifest ability; showing our manifest destiny?”

            “Put your ability and practiced knowledge to rest.  What do you know?  What can you do?  What can you control?  How were you entangled anyway?  What measure of knowing or strength will deliver you?  How long will it take to untangle this?  How many hairs are on your head?

There is a format of perfection.  When do you think it will appear?  Surely, it is now already dwelling in your heart. “When He shall appear, you are like Him… When that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away.”  That is He in you.  (Christ in you) Where is the place of rest, which, “some must enter?”  There is a City of Light even now; a body of righteousness.

There is now a new Heaven and now a new Earth.  There is a state of eternal rest.  “Come unto Me.”  This, we may know, has been done for us; our apprehended status; Our New Man.”  “Now let us consider the new man:  He is without an agenda for the future, in a humbled state of radiance. He has no need or need yet to come, for he is in Father.  He has discovered the center of Life,  seated with all things under His feet.  With wide eyes and open heart, he is enjoying the “Place prepared”. 

            “Within My Bliss, is Myself; eternal blessing; My God---ship.”

            “My city is not built with hammer and nails. The new Earth is not polished by man at his very his best.  How would man know what is needed?  However, I do give gifts to men, even though men will eventually discover an end to human abilities and capacities.  (Individually and even internationally) 

            “I’m doing this!”  through My Son.  His “doing” is simply unveiling the all of Me by My Spirit.”

            “You who hear have set aside agendas of self, and struggles of life.  You have found the pearl of great price.  You are freed from condemnation and fear; no longer  finding fault in fellow men.  You no longer murmur and complain or look for evil.  You see with single eye only the Savior, neither looking from left to right but beholding only pure Light.  You do not long for either immortality or resurrection for now He Is This, As You. Your eye is too pure to behold iniquity or lack because you are wrapped in the blood of the Lamb,  and you walk upon an earth that is covered by the same.”

            “Consider these things as you awaken to the King’s eternal day,  and wonder, :  “What may we do?” Discover it is all freely found in Me.”


 Jim & Darling Melba           

 [email protected]

 November 8, 2007

             The Inspired Presence realized is the answer to all our human plight, it  gives us the ability to transcend the Pain Body where we suffer so much.

Love Tony.

Audio: The-Inspired-Presence.mp3


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