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God's agreement to us AS PEACE

February 23, 2008

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February 23, 2008

My Peace I Give Unto You is a message of God's agreement with us that we are His offspring and if we hear His Voice in silence, no evil will come to your dwelling place! You are standing on Holy Ground, be still and know, eat from the tree of life and be satisfied as you awaken into God's likeness. The audio is a message given by 'Kathy Fitz',  called 'God's covenant of Peace' given to His Seed.  Kathy was healed of Melonoma Cancer 20 or more years ago as she stayed with us for 3 month.

Below is the message of the Peace of Jesus  you may already have, but I feel that you should study it again and experience the Peace that I now live in.

Beloved, I perceive in my SPIRIT that quite a few of you who are partaking in this communion have a burning desire within your own consciousness to re-experience the EDEN of GOD, the Peace and Joy we all  had with the FATHER in the beginning of creation.  For this reason, I have dedicated this Ministry to bring back the Spiritual awareness of Love and Peace as Jesus gave us back to the Body of Christ. The Ministry of Jesus our Lord was primarily to reconcile and save that which was lost, remember, Jesus did not come to bring condemnation, Jesus brought us back to an awareness of belonging and Love, crying Abba Father. 

Can you feel His Love for you now?

For many thousands of years we have been living as orphans with guilt and fear of death and a future Hell, not knowing who we were, we lost the Spirit of our Heritage we can no longer cry Abba Father. This sense of alienation from the Father of all Spirit caused the whole of creation be lowered into the darkness of an independent identity called Adam and Great suffering was the result.  In our sense of separation from the FATHER, the source of all LOVE and PEACE, we are lost and fearful and guilty ------------oooo,  How we long to be free of Sin and fear! Good news is coming back to our awareness, so be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.

 Even though God is still here and now, closer to us than breathing closer then hands or feet, we are no longer aware of the Realm of Love and Immortality, which is really our true heritage. Now we need to come back to our Fathers House, by a by a new and living Way, the realm Jesus prepared for us. This is the New Heaven and the New Earth Jesus prepared for us; this Place is Paradise where nothing can enter that defiles or make a lie.

In the beginning every one of us as eternal SPIRIT BEING all lived in conscious union with the HEAVENLY FATHER, we were total and complete in our being. There was not one that lack or fails; all are complete in Christ Jesus, SPIRIT, SOUL OR BODY, nothing lacking. In this place of now where the flowers grow, fulfilled and satisfied; it is wonderful. In the Realm where Jesus lives NOW, there is an abundance of all things. In this state of consciousness known as Christ, which is the image of God all things are ours.  I call this Realm of Life the GARDEN OF EDEN, Paradise.

In the midst of this GARDEN, is the TREE of LIFE,   representing GOD'S ETERNAL PRESENCE,   in which there is fullness of LIFE, PEACE and JOY, can you perceive it now?  JESUS announced the eternal "I" of BEING, when HE said: "I AM" come, that you may have LIFE, and that you may have Life in its SUPERABUNDANCE".  

This is the Life Jesus IS, can you hear this, you are His Body, flesh of His Flesh and Bone of His Bone.

GOD'S PRESENCE is re---cognized, when our mind is in the mode of consciously realizing our ONENESS with the FATHER without the haunting sense of guilt, fear or impending judgment.  Remember, our conscious awareness with OUR FATHER  when is it is washed in the blood of the Lamb of God  is our all sufficiency in all things,  but we have to receive Him in our hearts first otherwise the curse of the Moral Law remains. Like a little child receives the Love of its parents without feeling guilty, therefore let the Son of His Love come in, can you hear this?

Our sense of belonging to the Fathers House is our HERITAGE.   

In our Fathers House Life without a sense of guilt or responsibility is our freedom from Law. This freedom sense of being One-- called the Lamb of God, which takes away the Sin of the World.  It is our awareness of this Realm of Love and Peace, which takes away fear of death, it is wonderful. Perfect Love cast out all fear.   It is the experience of LOVE, unspeakable,  PEACE and JOY in the HOLY GHOST when we are re---introduced to our True Father,  it is wonderful, don't you love Him?

  • The feeling of belonging to God as our Father is like BEING a little child, who has its mother's PRESENCE.  
  • The presence of the mother represents all the child needs; would you not like to feel this eternal Love overshadowing you?   However, we will never feel this assurance until we acknowledge the Cross of Jesus,  it is there where you and I where cleansed of all Sin, there is no other way to freedom.
  •  In this Father Mother LOVE which is now our total sufficiency, we find our food, clothing, protection from danger. 
  • Now, in Christ Jesus we do not know what lack is, I am totally provided for, by faith that is, can you hear this?

Our physical and mental needs, met completely in this Father Mother love, receive Him now all you who are heavy laden with the care of this world.

Can you not see that the Mother or Father Love is a storehouse of all-good for His/Her Spiritual child? From birth God our Father Mother is our total sufficiency. All the child needs, is its mother's love, can you feel this beloved?  It is your Father calling you back into His Presence!

However, when the child grows up its dependency on the mother becomes less and less. It gradually becomes more independent of the mother and develops desires for other things, which begin to appear outside of the Presence of God's total Love. From then on the consciousness of the child changes, from a total trust and reliance on the mother and father, it now has become self-sufficient and to a measure, it begins to form a personality. A sense of self-survival develops. The child feels lonely and guilty; can you hear this?

In this sense of independence as a human being a separate sense of self, formed with a mind or a will or its own, this is the Human, as we know it today. In this Personal Sense of Life, the Child feels it has to struggle for survival, and develop its own intellect through knowledge (Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil). Can we identify this flesh urge; is it not true that most of humanity have a desire to derive knowledge from this infamous tree?  This tree of knowledge, instead of blessing us became our trouble! 

Instead of the abundance of all things flowing to us, and through us, we began to experience fear. We observed the outer universe, we looked at the appearance of physical life and we began to feel a sense of lack, our bodies grow old and feeble. In this false sense of life, we judged our selves poor, sick and sinful and guilt was the result. However, NOW, through Jesus who conquered death, hell and the grave we can now enter His Presence. Continued in attachment.

Enjoy---Tony Testimony

by Kathy.mp3 God's-covenant-of-Peace.mp3

by Kathy Fitz Our-Spiritual-Heritage-Unfolding.mp3

by Kathy Fitz Revealing-the-Spirit-of-Truth.mp3 

by Kathy Fitz The-Spirit-of-Things.mp3 Born-Again---of--Spiritual-Awareness.mp3


Tony  and Martha den Hartog.


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