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From: Jim Crofford
Date: 02/02/05 03:36:10
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Subject: gardenborn Cross & Resurrection

Cross & Resurrection, Our Everlasting Foundation

"Without the Cross, there would be no resurrection", she said, and of course this is obvious. Jesus paid the price at the Cross, and His precious blood ( # 1 ) purchased our release from sin, ( # 2 ) applied eternal grace to all men, and most importantly, ( # 3 ) reconciled us to Our Father.


We Arose In New Birth With Him
As He Said, "It Is Finished."

# 1. To be free from sin is described as the free gift of righteousness, and there is only one righteousness, It Being The Righteousness of God. There is nothing but righteousness in Our Father’s New Creation wherein we have been restored. As far as the East is from the West, there is nothing but The Righteousness of God; The New Man in The New Creation. By His sacrifice, we became His righteousness.

# 2. Grace is just as if we have never been in sin or have been separate from Him. Now, we live in His Grace.

# 3. To be reconciled to Our Father is to be returned home; to be in the eternal garden of His Rest.

In our study, and awakening, and as you are sure to know, we have understood that there is no remission of sin except for the shedding of The Blood of The Lamb of God, which was accomplished once, "For the remission of sin for all time."

We have received of His Fullness, awakened in His Glory, and have been made ONE In Him.

Our wonderful atonement and resurrection has restored us to Father’s House. His Shed Blood bought us full redemption and gave us resurrection as Him. When He gave Himself for us, He created ONE new man. His precious blood was shed abroad to cover all creation making a halo of righteousness around all the earth.

Now, today, we walk resurrected. We are as He is. We are ONE new man. We are every wit whole, seated at the right hand of The Father.

"So, what happened" she asked? "Where are we now?"

"Mankind, has not generally known the wonders prepared for him. He does not realize the value of so great a salvation. He has ignored My Name. It is said that consciousness is not awakened. So, how does our consciousness awaken? By the Blood of The Lamb; by acceptance and recognition, which creates our Word of Testimony and the reception of our hearts. Father has already performed His wonderful act, and now we, even though we have not fully realized, are standing before a wide open great door, able to see the treasures of the Almighty. Angels beckon us to proceed for we are the recipients of Heaven right now. We have the keys of Glory within us, the Word of Faith in our mouth, and the key to consciousness: The Blood of The Lamb. We are entered in, made as He is, cherished and loved by Father. We are privileged to speak the Word of Life, Live and Be The Word of Life and draw upon That Which We Are In Him."

This is the New Day. Only Father’s Blessings are on our menu. We expect only Life more abundantly for He is come as Peace and Joy. We do not judge by appearance, but judge righteous judgment seeing as Father sees. We behold The Spirit of Truth. The battle is over for That Which is Perfect is Come, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"I have come to seek and to save that which was lost, and I do so in revealing My Father. If you have seen Me, you have seen My Father also for My Father and I are ONE. I Am The Mountain of Truth, Harmony of All Ages. I Am All Things Made New and Peace Beyond Understanding. I Am in you, and because I Am, you shall never see death, shall not be afraid, and shall not falter. I Am The Manifest Immortal ONE; The Reality of Every Man, Truth of Being. All are apprehended into This Abundant Eternal Day. All have risen with Me into Paradise, and every man shall awaken to the Glory of It in His own order. I say peace be still, for I Am The Unveiling of The Order of My Father’s House. Now, you see Me as I Am in You.

Amen Jim & Darling Melba [email protected] February 1, 2005


We are here only to bless .
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