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October,06, 2008

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1. SPIRITUAL supply is available to us THROUGH GOD’S NATURE in Meditation.

2. Grace functions through God’s creative process  which manifests as the Consciousness of our own being, bringing supply to all we need.

We already know  that this world has a material sense of supply and because of this Phenomenon, the world reckons, if we could have enough dollars, we are considered well provided for. Money is however not Money until it becomes a currency.
If money is hoarded it is because of the feeling of insecurity, it is no longer money!  Money for it to be money must be a current flowing from one to the other, communicating supply on the level of consciousness.  If we experience a certain amount of human health, we may think we have a supply of health.  However, this concept of Supply is a false sense of supply, for tomorrow we may lose everything. We must realize this concept of supply or health is only our human judgment and has therefore no sustaining LAWto keep it that way for it is artificial and misleading.
Material sense of supply always looks for the external substance called matter for survival. If we feel it or see it, we feel good.  This feeling of supply because of physical evidence through our check book we experience a certain amount of security in this objective world of sense. However, spiritual supply is subjective, not objective, in other words it cannot be perceived through the senses. Supply is our developed Consciousness as it trusts in the living God who is our total sufficiency. The Grace of God is therefore hidden from human scrutiny, it must be realized as God’s Nature imparting His will for our Lives to us.
Supply is Spontaneous and Spiritual. We can only receive it through trust in the Presence of God, who is closer to us then Breathing, Closer then hands or feet.  In this meditative state of Trust all supply such as home,motorcar, companionship protection, wisdom in business, dollars etc. Is added to us. You see beloved, supply is not objective or tangible and supply is an incorporeal substance, invisible to the human eye or ear.   We must therefore not think that GOD knows anything about our need for supply, health or companionship. The ABSOLUTE GOD IS ALREADY appearing as all SUPPLY to all who listen to the still small voice, which will lead you beside the still waters.
If you have need for a motor carGOD will appear as that to you.  If you have need for companionshipGod will appear as a husband or wife. If you have need for health or protectionGOD will appear as all these things for GOD IS your Consciousness expressed.  However GOD cannot appear to you if you are still under the jurisdiction of moral or legislative LAW.  In our meditation we must first develop a deep SPIRITUAL SENSE OF SUPPLY and that means trusting in the Grace of God rather then our own wit.
SPIRITUAL SUPPLY expresses itself spontaneous to all who are receptive to it.  GOD provides for all men and beast alike, even if we are not consciously aware of it. 
GODS GRACE is our sufficiency already and never runs out. Continued in attachment and audio's are below for you to download or just listen. 

Blessings and love to all Tony.

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Tony  and Martha den Hartog.


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