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Freedom Voice

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Please enjoy our teachings we offer here we hope will bless all our friends world wide. We offer our services free to stimulate your spiritual growtd as we come into the knowledge and the grace and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2Co 4:6

For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hatd shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

If you are not able to listen to or download these files for later use please contact us by email us here for further assistance in obtaining Tapes, and CDs via snail mail.

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2800s Titles

2898-The 2 Ways of Jesus NO 2
2896-Seeing- the Mystery of the Fellowship
2893-The Christ within AS US
2891-Awakening to the Now Realm
2890-The Unveiling of True Being
2889-Beholding the True Image
2888-I AM the Resurrection and The Life
2885-My Peace I leave with you
2884-The Illusion of Sense is not Truth
2877- The Life was Manifest
2875- Freeing the Captives of Personal Sense living
2874-I AM here I AM there I AM everywhere
2873-The Two Ways of Jesus
2872A-Cast your burden on Him
2872B-Cast your burden on Him 2
2872-Three Principles of Detachment
2871-Fear not I AM with you
2867-Escaping the Serpents Coil
2866-Never Ending Love of God
2865-Revealing the Bright Messenger the Shining One
2864-Call no Man your Teacher
2863-Entering the Finished Kingdom
2862-The End of Human Ignorance
2853-Beholding the Invisible-Image
2852-Resurrection Now
2851A-Cast your burden on Him
2851B-Cast your burden on Him2
2850-Removing the Veil of Death 2
2849-Removing the Veil of Death
2847-Transcending the Pain Body
2846-Why is this happening to Me
2845-From Fundamentalism to the Pearl of Great Price
2844-the Revealed Lightbearer
2843A-Chosen in Him
2843B-Chosen in Him before the Foundation of this World
2842-If you done it to the least of these My Brethren
2840-I commend you to God the Word of His Grace
2833B-Speak Lord I AM listening
2819-the Leap of Faith into the Invisible
2818-the Gospel of Freedom
2817-Let there be Light
2816-Come on to Me all who are heavy laden with fear
2815-Being joined to the Temple
2813-Coming back to Oneness
2811-Seek not for Signs seek the Kingdom first
2809-Consider Risen
2805-I AM your exceeding great Reward
2803-Believe the Love of Our Father
2802-the Unveiling
2801-Come up Higher

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