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Freedom Voice

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Please enjoy our teachings we offer here we hope will bless all our friends world wide. We offer our services free to stimulate your spiritual growtd as we come into the knowledge and the grace and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2Co 4:6

For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hatd shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

If you are not able to listen to or download these files for later use please contact us by email here for further assistance in obtaining Tapes, and CDs via snail mail.

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Audio Files

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3000s Titles

3099-I came to fulfill not to destroy
3098-Knowing the Treasures of Darkness 2
3097-Life beyond Powers
3096-Experiencing the Virgin Consciousness
3095-The Light of Love Part 2
3093-The Work of Righteousness is Peace
3092-My Peace I give unto You
3091-The Regeneration of Spirit
3090-The Mystery of Multiplicity
3088-Meditations on I am the power 2
3088-Meditation -on I am the power
3088-Unveiling the Mystery of the fellowship
3087-Living in the Now Realm
3086-Life beyond the Ego
3085-The Tree of Self Will
3084-What do you See
3083-Attaining Spiritual Freedom
3082-The Tree of the Knowledge of God
3081-Behold I will do a New Thing
3075-Erasing Past Memories
3074-The First Resurrection
3073-Revealing Gods Righteous Cause
Time will be no more- Mike Nevins
3071-Truth IS Jesus ascended
3070-Be YE Light as I AM LIGHT
3069-Body Made without Hands
3068-For this purpose is the Son of God Manitest 2
3067-For this purpose is the Son of God Manitest
3066-Keep Silent before Me
3063b-The Principles of Spiritual Healing and Living 2 (Singing and Message)
3063-The Principles of Spiritual Healing and Living (message only)
3062-Believe the Love Father has for us
3061-Christ the Active Function of Grace and Truth
3060-God commanded the Light to Shine
The revelation of Absolute Life
3059-O World Invisible we View Thee
3058-A Meditation on Love
3057-Come unto the High Mountain of Love 2
Mike Nevins-Living Beyond Appearances
3056-Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth
3055-Again He brings in the Firstborn
3054b-The invisible made Visible
3054-Free from the Curse of Karmic Law
3053-The Foundation of True Beginnings Part 2
3052-The Foundation of True Beginnings
3051-Here I Stand Liz
3050-Lift Jesus Higher
Mike Evins-Righteous Judgment
3047-Jesus declared a perfect Life
3045-Preserved Blameless
3044-Preservation from the Old man
3043-Freed from the Karmic Curse
3043-Freed from the Karmic Curse 2
3042-A Medation in Truth
3041-Behold A New thing
3037-The Spirit of the Lord is Serving
3036-The Nature of Spiritual Power
3031-Your Name Is Written in Heaven
3030-I AM here there I AM everywhere
3029-Grace AS our Supply
3028-Freed from the Beast
3027-Living in the Name and Nature of God
3026-Jesus the revelation and fulfillment of Life
3025-A House divided against itself will fall
3024-The End of Time is here
3023-Discerning the Spiritual Body
3022-The Anointing teaches us All Things 2
3021-From Moralism to Spirituality
3019-Imparters of Gods Grace
3017 Born again of the incorruptable Word No 2
3016-Let this Mind BE in You
3015-The Redemptive Light of God's Word
3014-A Meditation in Awareness
3013-The Redemptive Word
3011-What is God 2
3009-Present yourself Holy and Blameless
3007-Awake thou that Sleep
3006-The Lord IS my Shepherd
3003-Know ye not ye are the Temple
3002-Attend to My Word
3001-The Secret of What I AM
3000-Gods Willed Action

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