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Freedom Voice

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Please enjoy our teachings we offer here we hope will bless all our friends world wide. We offer our services free to stimulate your spiritual growtd as we come into the knowledge and the grace and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2Co 4:6

For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hatd shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

If you are not able to listen to or download these files for later use please contact us by email here for further assistance in obtaining Tapes, and CDs via snail mail.

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Audio Files

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3100s Titles

3172-Mystisism vs the Gospel
3171-A Meditation in Truth
3170-Living in the 7th Day beyond Time
A fundamental truth 4
A fundamental truth 3
A fundamental truth 2
A fundamental truth 1
3169-I will never forsake thee
3168-Behold I will come Quickly
3167-I AM the temple of Immortality
3166-Transformation by Hearing Truth
3165-Freed from the Atomic Myth
3164-When Shilow Comes
3163-Living in the 7th Day
3162-Un-Crucifying the Christ
3158-No Place where God is not
3157-Survival through transformation
3156-Returning to Life immortal
3155-Children of Love
3154-Life in the Resurrection Body
3153-Light Inspirations through meditation
3152-Body made without hands
3151-Meditation speak only to God
3150-The Ox knows Its Owner Kathy Fitz
3148-The Day of Your Power has come
3147-Called to Redemption
3146-Overthrowing All Temporal Power
3145-The Rhythm of Love
3144-Give Ear 'O' YE HEAVENS 2
3142-Drinking of the river of Life
The Invisible Life
3140-Revealing the True Christ Image
Jacksonville - Living in the Resurrection Body
3138-Body Made without Hands
Life beyond phenomenah
3129-Consciousness IS what I AM
3128-The Purging of the Conscience
3127-Justified and Glorified
3126-Made of Quick Understanding
3123-Revealing the Pattern Offspring
3122-I Am That
3120-God IS Loving
3118-The Mystery of the Tares and the Wheat
3117-Our Return to Paradize
3116-Revealing the Father AS LAW
3114-The Glory of the Latter House
3112-Revealing the Father AS LIGHT
3110-Revealing the Father AS LOVE
3109b-Uncaging the Coloured Bird
3109-A Meditation on Cause
3108-Harvesting the Hidden Glory
3106-Experiencing the Kiss of Life 2
3106-Experiencing the Kiss of Life
3104-Harvesting the Light
3103-Be that fulfilled Child of Father God
3102-Remembering the Forgotten Eulogy
3100-I came to fulfill not to destroy 2

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